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Why won't my pokegear play the pokeflute?

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On soulsilver I am trying to wake up the Snorlax. I've fixed the machine and battled-and won against- all of the kanto gyms so far. I've got the radio chip, and I set the little dot for the top of the circle. But the pokeflute noise isn't coming out, and when I talk to snorlax, nothing happens!

asked Aug 25, 2012 by RioluRockz

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The PokeGear should play it but you are probally looking in the wrong place. First you need to go to Lavender Town and go into the radio tower and talk to the guy in the brown suit he will give you the radio. Then fly back to the Snorlax and go onto the PokeGear and at the bottom there should be the radio icon. Click on that and at the top of the radio tuner you will find PokeFlute music click that then exit and talk to the Snorlax (try to catch the Snorlax). If this doesnt work leave a comment. Hope this help :)

answered Aug 25, 2012 by Sciz
selected Oct 4, 2012 by RioluRockz
thanks so much. it worked, all i needed to do was talk to the guy. thanks!