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What will happen to my Grotle?

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My Grotle evoles at lv32 so if I give it a everstone and train it to lv33 will it still evlove?

asked Sep 12, 2012 by connorg123

3 Answers

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No because ever stone prevents evolution. Of you take it off and level it up it will evolve though.

answered Sep 12, 2012 by Absol
selected Dec 24, 2012 by Mewderator
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It will evolve if you take the Everstone off the Grotle and then level it up.(If you want to level up with everstone just beware, if you get it to Lv.100 without evolving then you can never evolve it)

answered Sep 12, 2012 by DracoArceus
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No, as the Everstone prevents evolution. Although it isn't Grotles usual evolution level, if you remove the Everstone and level it up again to level 34, it will evolve. This will work with any level except 100; if you Everstone all the way up to 100, Grotle will never evolve.

In other words, with the Everstone it won't evolve, but if you remove it and level it up again it will.

answered Sep 13, 2012 by ƒιzz