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Sleep Powder Vs. Toxic?

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Tangrowth @ Life Orb
Trait: Regenerator
Nature: Adamant
EVs- Atk+HP

Leech Seed- A must on a RegenTang set.

Rock Slide- Gets rid of 4/5 weaknesses. Nuff said

Earthquake- Last weakness gone. Plus 100% reliable for power+accuracy.

Sleep Powder/Toxic- With a source of status, your opponent will be gouging their eyes out. The only question is bad poison, or sleep?

asked Sep 18, 2012 by DracoArceus

1 Answer

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Well, a Toxic+Leech Seed combo is great for wearing your opponent down, but since your Pokemon is not a Staller, judging by its EVs, I would say Sleep Powder, so you can hit hard and with temporary impunity.

answered Sep 18, 2012 by Poke'slash
selected Sep 18, 2012 by DracoArceus
You are welcome. Thanks for BA.