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Should I teach Haxorus Giga Impact?

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My Haxorus
Naughy nature
Mold Breaker

Dual Chop
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance

Should I teach him Giga Impact?

asked Sep 23, 2012 by Artist KS

1 Answer

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Definitely not. Giga Impact doesn't even outdamage a neutral Outrage thanks to STAB, and recharge moves are bad in general, because usually you can do a lot more damage by using another move twice ( the charge turn is wasted, your opponent gets a free setup or shot at you ). Normal offers no extra type coverage for him, his STAB moves hit harder, it's really not worth it. Good moves for him are Earthquake and Brick Break, as they actually hit the Steel type Pokemon harder than his Dragon moves.

answered Sep 23, 2012 by Spoink
selected Sep 23, 2012 by Artist KS