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What Pokemons are some of the best covered?

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As the question says. Eelektross has no weakness!

asked Sep 25, 2012 by NO1974
edited Sep 25, 2012 by NO1974

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Well these are the Pokemon with no weaknesses:


These are the Pokemon with very few weaknesses. (name:number of weaknesses)

All Bug/steel Pokemon: 1
All Ground/Water Pokemon: 1
All Water/Dragon Pokemon: 1
ALL normal type Pokemon: 1
All steel/psychic Pokemon: 2
All Dark/poison Pokemon: 1
All Ground/fire Pokemon: 2+ (I think!)

There are definitely more! But these are all I can think of now!

answered Sep 25, 2012 by Steelix
selected Nov 15, 2012 by NO1974
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