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Who are the gym leaders, what do they look like, and what Pokemon do they have in Pokemon B/W 2?

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Everything you need to know is on this website:

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Cheren: Has LV11 Patrat, LV 13 Lillipup
Roxie: Has Koffing LV16, Whirlipede LV18
Burgh: Has Swadloon LV22, Dwebble LV22, Leavanny LV24
Elesa: Has Emolga LV28, Flaafy LV 28, Zebstrika LV30
Clay: Has Krokorok LV31, Sandslash LV31, Excadrill LV33
Skyla: Has Swoobat LV37, Skarmory LV37, Swanna LV39
Drayden: Has Druddigon LV46, Flygon LV46, Haxorus LV48
Marlon: Has Carracosta LV 49, Wailord LV49, Jellicent LV51

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