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Can pokemon only breed if they like each other?

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asked Aug 14, 2010 by Slow-Yawn
While the two answers are well-done, it's nice to include the fact that, while a Pokemon will breed if they like each other, the amount of steps needed to spawn an egg is doubled if they hate each other.

2 Answers

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No sometimes it might say the don't get along but they will breed. The only time they won't is if the day care man says they rather play with other pokemon then each other thats when they won't breed

answered Aug 14, 2010 by J DOG DE LEGEND
1 vote

Yes, but even if they hate eachother, they will breed depending on the egg group. All you need is the 2 pokemon to be in the same egg group so they can breed.

answered Aug 14, 2010 by Psychic x