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Acrobatics flying gem vs Acrobatics no item? [closed]

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If I use Acrobatics with a Flying Gem will it be stronger than using Acrobatics with no item.
I am asking this because Acrbatics description says it is stronger when the user doesn't have an item.
BTW I am using it for a Shiny Gliscor ^.^
Thanks in advance.
PS. Please give the power stats so I can compare them.

asked Oct 15, 2012 by Sciz
closed Oct 15, 2012 by Pokemaster

1 Answer

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The power of Acrobatics is doubled if the user has no held item. Acrobatics can hit non-adjacent opponents in Triple Battles. If the user is holding a Flying Gem, the item is consumed before this move checks whether the Pokémon has an item or not; therefore, the power is tripled.

and personal experience

answered Oct 15, 2012 by Artist KS
selected Oct 15, 2012 by Sciz