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How do you battle special trainers in PWT?

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I already know how to battle gym leaders, but what about blue, or steven, or even Lance?

Do you have to beat all reigon tournaments?

asked Oct 18, 2012 by Megaflygon
PWT? What is that?
for battling gym and champ's from other region and unova

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if I'm not mistaken you have to beat all the gym leader from other region's and unova
hope I helped

answered Oct 18, 2012 by metapod pro
selected Oct 26, 2012 by Megaflygon
Thanks, good thing i already got Unova's and Hoenn's!
i only defeated unova ~_~
Don't worry,pokemon pro!
You'll slowley get closer to beating another reigon.
Like, now, I finally got to the final round of the sinnoh tournament, and getting better!
And now I beat it!
in kanto (the most i tried) i always lose to mist (starmie)   .... -_-
im still unova only
No, not all, just sinnoh, but I just beat Kanto,try rotation battles on it.
Working 4 Jhonto now :)
and now I got Jhoto:):):):)
i hate that annoying starmie!!!!!
I can beat starmie easy beacause i have a leavanney with leaf storm and X-scisor.
i have leavanny but in white 1
i want to try another pokemon
i caught a starmie to use against her's muahahaha XD but i really caught a starmie
my starmie keeps get OHKO in pwt and my new rival............
erica's(kanto) bellosom
its annoying with its sword dance + drain punch
Ok, just found this out.

You need to beat all five reigon tournaments.Then, they'll let you compete in the Pokemon World tournament,a mix. of all reigons.
After you beat that ten times, you can participate it the world leaders tournament, witch includes Blue,Steven,and Lance