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Does Grip Claw affect Bone Rush?

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Or does it work only for Whirlpool, Bind, Wrap, etc.?

Iz for moi Lucario. :3

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A hold item that causes partially trapping moves to always work for 5 turns.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Grip Claw

This is Grip Claw's description. It only works on partially trapping moves

Fire Spin
Magma Storm
Sand Tomb

Bulbapdia/ Partially-trapping moves

So no, Bone Rush will not be affected by Grip Claw.

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ok thnx. (Forever alone look)
Oh God! Y U Do this to me??!!

(Memecenter Overdose, lol)
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Only for the Moves that actually trap, not associated with Bone Rush. Sorry.

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