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Another Tornadus in Dream Radar?

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Hey Guys

I got a question, can you get another Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus? The reason I want another one because my Tornadus has a crappy nature (Naughty DX) and I know I can't soft reset. So I can I capture another one in the dream radar?

asked Oct 30, 2012 by AeroShot
edited Oct 30, 2012 by AeroShot
Oh, crap, that's too bad .-.
Was that sarcasm?
Why would you assume that over a text?
No, seriously, that wasn't. But what is Naughty Nature again? All I know is that it's an unwanted nature for Tornadus-T xD
+Atk , -SDef
Sorry, that just how I see it sometimes, it's just me, I just got to hope that Thundurus and Landorus have good natures.

1 Answer

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You can see him again, but he drops a rare candy.
Or you could delete that Dream Radar and buy anthor.

answered Oct 30, 2012 by FenaFox
edited Nov 29, 2012 by FenaFox
You shouldnt answer if you dont know
I suppose you could delete dream radar off your 3DS, buy it again and play it from start?
That's a waste of money. Live with that Tornadus (I got Hasty <3)