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If a Pokemon was holding a everstone, would a evolution stone still evolve it?

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For example if I had a Vulpix holding a everstone, and then I used a fire stone on the Vulpix whilse its still holding the everstone will it still evolve?

asked Oct 31, 2012 by Chewy

2 Answers

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A Pokemon will still evolve when the correct evolutionary stone is used, regardless of whether it is holding an everstone.

Source: I just tried it with my Pansear

answered Oct 31, 2012 by the_netts
edited Oct 31, 2012 by the_netts
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Another stone, the Everstone, is different in that radiates a type of energy that prevents evolution in the holders; however, if a Pokémon holding the Everstone has an evolutionary stone used on it, it will still evolve.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Evolutionary Stone

answered Oct 31, 2012 by 5th of November