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List of tournament winners (Hall of Fame)

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For winners of tournements i think they should be noted.
Maybe on there profile a section saying acheivments on the site.
For example 10%
under gender
Acheivments: B/W wifi tourney winner

For now, winners can be listed in answers below.

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That's a pretty cool idea this might be cool.
but really bad battlers like me might get mad that they don't have many achievements
Well the tourney winners I know of are Me for the first PO tourney and CC tourney, and I think Josh won the metronome and Derp tournies.
I don't think so because what about other users will feel not special because they weren't on the tournament
But users should not get sad because a. you have to take part in a tourney and b.there as speed said are not many winners its just a suggestion as we make more.
If anyone wants to note them on this thread for now, go ahead!

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Winner of the First PO tournament: Speed freak, 2nd place: Linkpower22
Winner of the First Weather tournament: Hex, 2nd place: Psusnis◇
Winner of the First Metronome tournament: Josh, 2nd place: Mewderator
Winner of Derp tournament: Josh, 2nd place: Psusnis◇
Winner of the First Wi-fi tourney: 10%, 2nd place: Riles
Winner of the First Challenge Cup tournament: Speed freak, 2nd place: Pokenubz
Winner of the First Mono-Ubers tournament: Psusnis◇, 2nd place: Hex
Winner of the First Little Cup Tournament: trachy, 2nd place: Mewderator
Winner of the Trainer Copy Tournament: Hex, 2nd place: Mewderator
Winner of the Generation One Tournament: Pokemaster, 2nd place Blobyolo
Winner of the OU Tourney: Psusnis◇, 2nd Place: JirachiCelebiMew
Winner of the PokemonDB end of summer Wi-Fi tournament: Hex, 2nd place: 5th of November
Winner of the 6-Letter Word tourney: Riles. 2nd place: Flame.
Winner of the Mono Smeargle tournament: Riles, 2nd Place trachy
Winner of the LC Starter tournament: trachy, 2nd Place JirachiCelebiMew
Winners of the Pokelympics: China (Mewderator and Josh), 2nd Place: Canada (Speed freak and JirachiCelebiMew)
Winner of the Christmas Cup Tournament: TMeganium22, 2nd place: Psusnis◇
Winner of the Monotype Tournament: Psusnis◇, 2nd place: Mewderator
Winner of the Media Tournament: Blobyolo, 2nd place: Pokenubz
Winner of the 1 vs 1 tourney: Flame., 2nd place: trachy
Winner of the Hackmons tourney: Mewderator, 2nd place: JirachiCelebiMew
Winner of the Metronome Smeargle tournament: ƒιzz, 2nd place: Mewderator
Winner of the Hacked Abilities tournament: Hoιγ Σiκe*, 2nd place: Blobyolo
Winner of the Kill Yourself Tournament: Flare, 2nd place: Flame.
Winner of the Color Tournament: trachy, 2nd place: Dr. Flame
Winner of the Characteristics Tourney: Sempiternus, 2nd place: trachy
Winner of the Darwin's Theory Tourney: Miror Bro, 2nd place: Pokenubz
Winner of the Generation Six Premiere Tourney: Mewderator, 2nd place: Ionization
Winner of the Chess Tourney: Flame., 2nd place: MrKijani
Winner of the Nuzlocke Tourney: Flame., 2nd place: Miror Bro
Winner of the STABmons Tournament: Lust of Glory. 2nd place: Gligurr
Winner of the Imitation Gym Leader Tournament: &Shining Yin. 2nd place: Flafpert
Winner of the Mixed Tier Tournament: Shining Yin. 2nd place: trachy

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Note: I am not sure if it was Linkpower or Halcyonic Falcon who came in 2nd place in the First PO tourney. I think it was LP.
Shxatoap won the first ever tournament on PO here right?
No that was on WILL's site, not this one. That was also Shoddy Battle if I recall correctly.
I mean first on this site, and I think he won it.
I'm talking about PO also it's hidden now.
In that case no, the first official tournament on this site was won by me, and yeah that is hidden now.
You forgot the Derp Tournament.
It was LP. He beat Me and Trachy both.
If people get sad for losing we could write "Participated in [insert tournament here]"
Yeh good idea Acheivments came second to last in cc tourey lol, but with my new suggestion they have no reason to complain.
Just saw this :D
Flare could you edit in the hacked ability tourney winners please :). Mike won with me second. I don't know how to get the mini images xD
The hacked ability tournament goes in before the Kill Yourself tournament btw.
I don't know how to do the tiny images either.
You totally need to know how when Mike won before and the image was there already!
Wowww. I'm in the hall of fame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jukv9Q1eR2g :O
2 second places in a row :I
List of names to edit:

Hoιγ Σiκe* ---> ψPsychic.*
FizzSwift~ --->  ƒιzz
KnightOfDragon ---> Sempiternus
Yay! Ya did it :P
2nd in my first tour, not bad