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I think I know who anonymous is!

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I am pretty sure anonymous is the automatic thing that your website does when an answer is turned into a comment and there was a comment on that answer.So if I answered something but a it was supposed to be a comment and someone commented on it.Then if one of the editors turned it into a comment, then comment on that answer will then say edited by anonymous.

I thought of this when sf answered(but it was supposed to be a comment) my question about arena trap, then I wrote down as a comment that I didn't know that, after that Trachy turned sf's answer into a comment, next my comment said that it was edited by anonymous.Information here:http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1175/arena-trap-information

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Yes, you are right. I only just figured this out myself, probably on that same question too.

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Really, I'm suprised that this is new knowledge to you.
Well it never came up much, to be honest.
I know, but I thought that since you made the site and all you would have known. Then again, Will didn't know about stuff on his site, so I guess there is a lot of that when you make a site.