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Tournament Suggestions are welcome here!

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This is where you post your ideas for tournaments. Please include as many details as possible, the users of the PokemonDB shall decide which tournaments will go first by a show of upvotes.

Ongoing tournaments:
"The Collab Tournament"

Tournaments you can sign up for:

List of Tournament winners:
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Old and not so popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

asked Jun 8, 2012 by Blobyolo
edited Feb 19 by MrKijani

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Many of us are excited for the new Pokemon X and Y games, as in addition to introducing many new pokemon and a new region they are also introducing new features, among them Pokemon Hordes, riding pokemon, 3-D graphics and the brand new Fairy type. The one that caught my eye was Sky Battes, and I thought, why should we wait?

Sky Battle Tourney!


  • All pokemon must be either Flying type or possess the Levitate ability. No exceptions.

  • Sixteen Member tournament, though this may be changed if more or less people are interested.

  • Smogon Ou tier, with all standard Smogon clauses (Sleep, evasion, species, etc.)

  • Soul Dew is banned

Banned Pokemon:

  • As of yet, no Pokemon are banned. However, some, such as Rotom-W, are currently being considered. Please give you input on what Pokemon you think should be banned. Stealth Rock may also be banned, but I suppose both teams would be at an equal disadvantage to it.
answered Jul 30, 2013 by Ludicobro
I bet Choice Band Aerodactyl would wreck with all the flying types around.
Gliscor, Skarmory, and Landorus T do decent against it, but ya that's an issue.
5 votes

The NFE tournament!

This tourney gives Pokemon that are outclassed by a stronger Pokemon a chance to shine. More specifically, this is a tournament where you may only use Pokemon that can still evolve into a different Pokemon. Fully evolved Pokemon and Pokemon that don't evolve at all are banned.

This will be more interesting than usual as Smogon have not made an analysis for any of the NFE tier Pokemon. This means people who are too dependant on Smogon will have to be a bit more creative. Think you got what it takes? Then here are the rules:

  • Only Pokemon in the NFE and LC tiers according to Smogon are allowed in this tournament. That means Pokemon like Chansey, Porygon2, Dusclops, etc. are automatically banned as they are not in NFE or LC. They would completely wreck this tourney if they were allowed. The only exception is Snover, who is allowed as it is not too overpowering.
  • Smogon's Clauses apply.
  • 16 people will participate.
  • Sand Stream, Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are banned. Swift Swim is also banned if a Pokemon with Drizzle is on the same team, although that isn't possible as all the Drizzle users are banned.
  • Failiure to follow the rules will result in automatic disqualification. Also, if you take too long to have your battle, the most active user will win.

I'm happy to host this one if it actually starts. If for some reason I can't, I'm happy for any Mod to host.

If there are any other necessary rules, tell me them. I likely forgot some of them.

answered Jun 29, 2013 by ƒιzz
edited Jun 30, 2013 by ƒιzz
Drought  is allowed? *makes team*
lel Snover
5 votes

enter image description hereenter image description here



• Obviously, you must make a team with all the forms of Rotom in it.
• There is a catch, if your formless Rotom dies, it's game over. (Similar to chess tour)
• ChestoRest is banned.
• Trick is banned. Debatable.
• EVs have to be 80 in each stat. Debatable.
• Anything else goes.

Seems stupid, but it could be fun. We could through in something weird like each of them have to have moody as an ability.

answered Feb 15 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
I like it. I'd definitely join this.
I'd like to debate against the EVs rule, I think that ruins the interesting opportunity to attempt to create a viable team from Rotom forms.
Yeah, any EVs we want please :P
5 votes

I suggested this a LONG time ago, but it didn't take.

Question this is based off of.

The "Annoying Woodland Creature" Tourney.

Rattata, Weedle, Caterpie, Pidgey, Hoppip, Sentret, Hoothoot, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Poochyena, Bidoof, Kricketot, Starly, Patrat, Lillipup, Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Scatterbug.

These are Pokemon you generally avoid. They are on the first route of every game. So, let's make a tournament with them :D


  • Only the listed Pokemon can participate
  • Evolutions may participate.
  • Banned abilities: Gale Wings, Reckless, Huge Power on the three BL+ Pokes. Unless it is NFE.
  • Evasion / Accuracy moves are allowed on the first stage Pokemon.
  • Standard OU bans, other than evasion.

Winner gets 3 coins on the server. Yeah, this will be the way to get coins. Winning DB tours! They'll have a purpose eventually.

answered Mar 5 by Nindzya
Ah! Love it
What do coins do o3o
Eventually we'll be able to spend them, not unlike points, but slightly different. You know like in some games you'd get say Gold to buy things and say Potions to upgrade stuff? That sorta line
4 votes

Idea: Wheel of (mis)Fortune
Gimmick: Battles take place under one of ten "conditions", similar to Hex's Haunted House.
Number of People: 8/16, Double Elimination
Battle Style: Single Battle, Played in "Hackmons" due to Conditions (must still have legit moves/abilities/EVs/Items/Pokemon)
Banlist: Smogon's OU Banlist

Gimmick (Conditions):
Condition 1 ~ Tier Reduction -1: The highest tiered-Pokemon on your team has to be lowered a tier (so, if a Pokemon is OU, change the Pokemon so it is UU). If more than one Pokemon are of the same tier, use the first Pokemon in party.

Condition 2 ~ Thief -1: A random Pokemon in your party has their item taken.

Condition 3 ~ Stickify -1: A random Pokemon in your party has their ability changed Honey Gather.

Condition 4 ~ Monotype -2: Two randomly chosen Pokemon in your party must be changed so they are the same type.

Condition 5 ~ Splash'd -1: A random Pokemon in your party has a randomly chosen move changed to Splash.

Condition 6 ~ Effort Cut -1: A random Pokemon in your party has a random EV investments cut in half. The investment should not be odd, but if the investment is 125 or below, round up. If the investment is 127 or higher, round down.

Condition 7 ~ Individual Cut -1: A random Pokemon in your party has 3 random IVs cut in half. If the number is odd and is 15 or below, round up. If the number is odd and is 17 or above, round down.

Condition 8 ~ Extra Effort +1: A random Pokemon in your party has 252 extra EVs to invest.

Condition 9 ~ Move Diversity +1: A random Pokemon in your party can learn a move it cannot normally learn.

Condition 10 ~ Trait Change +1: A random Pokemon in your party can have an ability it does not normally have.
Condition 10 Banlist: Wonder Guard, Huge Power, Pure Power, Speed Boost (Will add onto this as the need arises)

Amplification: There is a 1/12 chance your condition will be amplified +/- 1 point. What this means is that instead of one Pokemon is changed where the condition says +/- 1, two Pokemon will be changed. For Monotype, this means three Pokemon will have to be the same type.

There is a 1/24 chance your condition will be amplified +/- 2 points. This means instead of one Pokemon being changed where the condition says +/- 1, three Pokemon will be changed. For Monotype, this means four Pokemon will have to be the same type. There's a 1/240 chance that will happen though, so don't get too scared that this will happen.

Either single or double elimination.

I'll add onto this if I need to.

answered Dec 30, 2013 by Le Scraf
reshown Apr 2 by Le Scraf
3 votes

Battle through the generations

Each generation has bought changes to the metagame, usually drastic. I'm gonna try to honor that with a tournament in which each round is a different gen. Here's how it will work:

Round one: Gen 1 OU- most pokes are UU, so only the best. I expect to see a lot of chansey! :D
Round two: Gen 2 UU- The reason UU > OU is I don't want skarmbliss to define this round
Round three: Gen 3 NU- For them neverused players
Round four: gen 4 LC- yeah LC. Gonna be difficult for you but if you get this far you should be good :P
Round five: Gen 5 RU- Trying to do every tier here
Round six: Gen 6 Uber- ending it with the most powerful tier

so far I'm actually gonna try to get 32 players, but it'll be fun :D
update: even though showdown only supports OU of gens 1,2,3,4, just use the pokemon of the tier I tell you. you'll be posting the replays, so i'll know :P
details: single elimination, and everything is that generation, no psyshock in gen 1.

answered Nov 16, 2013 by tazzie
edited Nov 17, 2013 by tazzie
Gen 6 will have every team being Geomancy Xerneas XP
Not really entirely determined on the tiers. Suggestions?
3 votes

Mini FIght! :D

Based on MrKijani's "Battle of the Titans" idea, I have come up with the polar opposite. Yay!


  • Each pokemon must be either under 2'4" Tall or weigh less than 50 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • NO Ubers Pokemon allowed (Since only one uber fits this bill, Shaymin-S)
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Showdown OU ban format
  • Shaymin-S is banned.

Can you channel your little fight and win? With only 2 OU Pokemon allowed, you'll have to go in the likes of UU, RU and even NU. Since these Pokemon are so small, you might have to use NFE Pokemon. No matter the case, best of luck :D

answered Feb 12 by Le Scraf
reshown Apr 2 by Le Scraf
EVIOLITE SPAM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which 2 OU Pokemon?
Doesn't matter :D
2 votes

Mixin' it Up!

Okay, well I've thought of this for a while and I would like to share it. :3
This might be a bit confusing. So I'm sorry >.<

Well, all Pokemon are classified by colours - right? Good, let's make a tournament out of it x3

So, it will be a tournament with 16 contenders.
Each contender will be assigned a colour. (Two contestants will receive the same colour) They have to make a team who are all of that colour - these would be the below matchups:

  • Red vs. Grey
  • Yellow vs. Blue
  • Purple vs. Green
  • White vs. Black*
  • Red vs. Grey
  • Yellow vs. Blue
  • Purple vs. Green
  • White vs. Black*

(Refer here for team ideas)
*Black has a very low variety of Pokemon, most of whom are useless, so people given Black would also have the ability to have Grey Pokemon on their team as well.

The winner of their match up will advance to Round Two - they will choose Pokemon that are mixed up with their's and their previous opponents colour. E.g:

  • Red + Grey = Purple vs. Green = Yellow + Blue
  • Purple + Green = Brown vs. Grey = Black + White
  • Red + Grey = Purple vs. Green = Yellow + Blue
  • Purple + Green = Brown vs. Grey = Black + White

And the winner of the Round 2 match up will mix up their and their opponent's colour:

  • Purple + Green = **Pink vs. Black*** = Brown + Grey
  • Purple + Green = **Pink vs. Black*** = Brown + Grey
    *As said, including Grey.

And the winner of the Round 3 match ups will enter Round 4, and can choose any colour of their choice.

This is the best way I could mix colours with only 10 colours to choose from, so I'm sorry. >.<

Since I know barely anything about competitive, I don't think I have any useful rules. The only useful rule I can come up with is all tiers can be used except for Ubers.

Also, there is a reason it's 16 contenders. Because of the final round, where they can choose any colours of their choice. :)

So yeah. Enjoy. :3

answered Jan 25 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
:o I got an upvote? How... special :'D
er so basically advanced Mono colour tourney? We've already done it..
1 vote

The F.E.A.R. Tourney!
Here are the rules:

  • 8/16 people may participate, depending on the level of interest.
  • 6 Pokemon per team.
  • 5 Pokemon must have a F.E.A.R. strategy of some kind, and 1 Pokemon can be designed to counter the opposing F.E.A.R. Pokemon.
  • No duplicate Pokemon.
  • Smogon's banlist applies to your anti-F.E.A.R. Pokemon.
  • The anti-F.E.A.R Pokemon must be level 100, all the others may be any level you wish.

Please leave a comment in case I forgot anything.

Also, please don't ask what F.E.A.R. stands for. It tells you in the link.

answered Jan 13 by Celestial★Hurricane
edited Feb 8 by Celestial★Hurricane
1 vote

Dunno if this has been done yet, if it has I'll hide this. But presenting
You have to use 6 Monotype tourney, but they must be from specific tiers as following.

  • 2 OU
  • 2UU
  • 1 RU
  • 1 NU

You can use one Pokemon from another type, but it has to be RU or NU.
This should be gen 6, so you can use MEGA POKEMON.


  • Shellsmash Baton Pass
  • Stealth Rock (More Fire, Ice and Flying teams)

I'll come up with more if this gets more votes. Please comment on ideas as well.
It should be 16 people.
Hope you like it!

answered Jan 21 by Kronos
edited Jan 25 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
I just reformatted this because this was really badly indented. :P
1 vote

OU Monotype Changing Tournament

Basically the rules are simple, it will be a 16 man tournament set in Gen VI. You have to create a full team based around a certain type for example Fire. All Pokémon in the team need to be at least part Fire.

Ditto is banned from competing against all types expect Normal. Mega Evolutions that aren't already banned are allowed, as long as they are in there respective type. You cannot use Mega Evolutions such as Mega Aggron in a Rock type team, regardless of it being a Steel/Rock type before Mega Evolving, since it loses it's secondary type when it Mega Evolves.

The following Abilities are Banned: Dry Skin, Flash Fire, Sap Sipper, Lightning Rod, Motor Drive, Storm Drain, Volt Absorb and Water Absorb.

Overall it would look like this:

1st Round: Fire- 16 Participants
2nd Round: Water- 8 Participants
3rd Round: Grass- 4 Participants
4th Round: Electric- 2 Participants

Types can be changed by a public vote.

Of course the normal Smogon Clauses are also in effect:

Species, Sleep, Evasion, OHKO and Moody
Latios/ Latias may not hold Soul Dew
Sand Veil and Snow Cloak Abilities are Banned
Shell Smash and Baton Pass is Banned

answered Jan 24 by Dan
edited Mar 4 by Dan
32 is too big.
I'll change it to 16 :)
1 vote

Little Big Cup

This tournament is going to be odd. There are a few rules.
1) Everything must be level 5.
2) Everything must be in its final form. (ie, level 5 Charizard)
3) No legendary Pokemon allowed.
4) There are no bans on 3 stage Pokemon, as being level 5 basically allows the entire game to be turned on its head.
5) Weather is allowed
6) Blaziken is allowed, since Talonflame checks it and so forth. Plus, at level 5, it's mostly about base power.
7) Megas are allowed.
8) There may not be more than 2 OU or greater Pokemon on your team, for balancing purposes

answered Feb 18 by NonePiece
This tier already exists
Called...? =o
STABmons exists. It got like 18 upvotes.
No legendaries is meh. I think just use smogons tiers. All pokemon should just be level 5 with no other restrictions
@Whatson, hawtcakes, it's basically level 5 OU.
The tier we'd have to use is custom-game, obviously. There's no way around it.
@tazzie, the no legends thing is more of because of evos and such. I guess we can lift that rule, tbh
1 vote

Okay the only problem with tournaments is sometimes their a little too short, as after one match it can be over in a heartbeat :/

Which is why I suggest this:

Best of three matches tourney

Okay so this will be a 16 participant tourney with the usually Smogon clauses. However I'm going to add a twist; each round their will be a different tier. For example 1st Round will be a Random Battle, 2nd Round will be OU, 3rd Round UU etc.

Tiers for each round can be changed by public vote, if nobody votes then it will be chosen at random.

The idea of this is to get people more involved in a tourney. We could either do it where you have to stick with the same team for all 3 matches, or do it where you are allowed to use a different team after every match.

answered Mar 4 by Dan
edited Mar 5 by Dan
0 votes

Power house in with da weaklings
8 person
OU, UU and RU are ban.
Average OU clauses
Style of play
2v.2 battles
Each player is paired with another at random, winner go's to the next round.

answered Dec 28, 2013 by splodge48
edited Dec 28, 2013 by splodge48
0 votes

Before Mega evolutions and fairy types were discovered, and before the second gen of pokemon came...
Only 150 pokemon were known!
Idea: Gen 1 tourney
-16 users may compete
-you may only use 6 pokemon, teams can't be smaller
-Only gen 1 pokemon allowed
-You may NOT use pokemon with fairy type
-Mega stones are banned
-No Dark/steel types
-Only gen 1 items allowed
-No abilities

answered Jan 24 by Enderdragon
edited Jan 28 by Enderdragon
More bans:

-No Dark/Steel Types, if so, change to gen 1 type (Magneton was just Electric back in the day)
-Only Gen 1 items allowed
-No abilities, either. Gen1 didn't have abilities.
Also Special Atk and Special Def were both just Special.
I edited to my full understanding of what you said. If I didn't understand anything, then I'll need some help on what you just told me. P.S. Ty for what else I needed for my bans
0 votes

Winter Battles

8 or 16 people
Every body has to have a Winter Team. All Pokémon have to be ICE type. Smogon rules apply expect you can have Pokémon with Snow Warning. Only one legendary Pokémon.

answered Jan 25 by FenaFox
Take out only one legend part
0 votes

Multitype Tourney

Specialty: Different Tiers and Types for each round!

Paticapants: 16

This is a four-round tournament where in every round, the types and tiers will be randomly decided! Each entrant will get 6-7 days to make their team based upon the tier and type.

answered Feb 13 by Torterra02
0 votes

Tag Team Tournament

Smogon OU rules apply.

Ok, so 16 people enter. They each build an OU team at the start only containing 3 Pokemon. They will be put against another person, and whoever wins advances to the next round. The person that they beat then helps them to build a third Pokemon to go on the team, and so on until the final, which will be 6 vs 6.

Optional: When you beat someone, you take one of their Pokemon and add it to your team. (The reason why this is optional is because I think someone else suggested something similar. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

answered Mar 4 by ~Spiritomb~
edited Mar 4 by ~Spiritomb~
For example: Me vs Hex

Hex beats me with Gengar, Rotom-Wash and Black Kyurem.

He catches me on lobby chat, and I give him a Mandibuzz set.

For the optional, say I have Talonflame, Venusaur and Greninja. If he beats me, he gets the choice of adding one of my Pokemon to his team.
0 votes

Gym Leader Matchup

8 Person tourney
Normal clauses
X/Y OU Monotype

A random tournament, with a twist.
http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll126/Uchiha_Killer_2008/pokmon-create-your-gym.jpg We use the first six steps from this for everyone who signs up. Once the matchups are determined, players face each other as in a normal tournament.
A Moderator/Editor generates the teams for people to prevent cheating. If someone gets only two Pokemon, and both are NFEs, we generate a new team for them.
All battles must be saved as replays and posted on the Tournament Replays thread.
In the final round, the last two players will be generated a new team, the "Rematch team" in step 10.

Optional idea: April Fool's Special, Wonder Trade Style
Players are allowed to swap one Pokemon with their opponent. They must agree to do so, and inform a Moderator/Editor. The Moderator/Editor will use a random number generator to pick one of each players Pokemon and inform both players which they have recieved.

answered Apr 2 by Poke'slash
0 votes

Fool's Tourney

Gimmick: Each Pokemon must know Trick or Switcheroo.
Format: Balanced Hackmons
- Each Pokemon must have legitimate EVs, IVs, abilities, formes and moves. No Rattata with Roar of Time.
- OU
Players: 16
Style: Single Elimination

What will you trick? Sticky Barbs? Ring Targets? Maybe a Lagging Tail. How about Iron Ball or the godly Bluk Berry? Maybe the berries that may confuse you depending on your nature? The possibilites are almost endles.

answered Apr 2 by Le Scraf
edited Apr 2 by Le Scraf
Should have suggested this a long time ago, it's a bit late.