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This is where you post your ideas for tournaments. Please include as many details as possible, the users of the PokemonDB shall decide which tournaments will go first by a show of upvotes.

Ongoing tournaments:
None at the moment.

Tournaments you can sign up for:
None at the moment.

List of Tournament Winners

Old and not so popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Please vote on the suggestions at which you guys would want to happen. Take note that these Tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS, but on a Pokemon Simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support! New Tournaments will be started soon with the highest votes going first!

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When will the next tourney begin?
So, if a tournament has at least 6 up votes, will it definitely happen at some point?
Read the selected answer.
So many amazing tourneys being suggested, and we still havent finished the STABmons tourney. gj guys.

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Mini FIght! :D

Based on MrKijani's "Battle of the Titans" idea, I have come up with the polar opposite. Yay!


  • Each pokemon must be either under 2'4" Tall or weigh less than 50 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • NO Ubers Pokemon allowed (Since only one uber fits this bill, Shaymin-S)
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Showdown OU ban format
  • Shaymin-S is banned.

Can you channel your little fight and win? With only 2 OU Pokemon allowed, you'll have to go in the likes of UU, RU and even NU. Since these Pokemon are so small, you might have to use NFE Pokemon. No matter the case, best of luck :D

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EVIOLITE SPAM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which 2 OU Pokemon?
Doesn't matter :D
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enter image description hereenter image description here



• Obviously, you must make a team with all the forms of Rotom in it.
• There is a catch, if your formless Rotom dies, it's game over. (Similar to chess tour)
• ChestoRest is banned.
• Trick is banned. Debatable.
• EVs have to be 80 in each stat. Debatable.
• Anything else goes.

Seems stupid, but it could be fun. We could through in something weird like each of them have to have moody as an ability.

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I like it. I'd definitely join this.
I'd like to debate against the EVs rule, I think that ruins the interesting opportunity to attempt to create a viable team from Rotom forms.
Yeah, any EVs we want please :P
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I saw this one on Smogon, and I thought it was pretty cool

>Have you ever thought the metagame was too ability-centric? Have you ever though some lower base power moves were cool but too weak to use normally? Have you ever used Breloom or Scizor and thought, "I wish other Pokemon were like that"? Well then, Technicimons is for you!

>Technicimons is pretty simple. Stats stay the same. Movepools are only slightly altered. However, abilities are what are completely changed up.


>How to play: Simply put, everything gets Technician and nothing else (with the exceptions of Slaking, Regigigas and Ditto, which only keeps Imposter).

>That isn't all, although it is the main draw of Technicimons.

>Simply enough, any move with 100+ base power is BANNED. Grass Knot and Low Kick are allowed, but Heat Crash and Heavy Slam are not.

>This means no Stone Edge, no Earthquake, no Fire Blast, no Focus Blast, and no CloseCombat or Superpower!
However, to keep from nerfing movepools too much, anything that used to have Focus Blast gets Aura Sphere and anything that used to have Superpower or Close Combat gets Force Palm to balance out movepools.

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Same Type Stealth Rock

In this metagame, Stealth Rock damage can be any type. The type is based on the primary type of the Stealth Rock user. For example, if Skarmory uses Stealth Rock, it will deal Steel type damage on switch-in. Or if Garchomp uses Stealth Rock, it will deal Dragon type damage on switch-in.

This means that if you set Fairy type Stealth Rock, it would be super effective against 3 types, resisted by 3 types, and neutral against 12 types. If you set Ground type Stealth Rock, it would be super effective against 5 types, resisted by 2 types, neutral against 10 types, and Flying types would be immune.

Protean sets Rock type Stealth Rock.

Dark type Pokemon are immune to Psychic type Stealth Rock.
Flying type Pokemon, Pokemon with Levitate, and Pokemon holding an Air Balloon are immune to Ground type Stealth Rock (except under Gravity).
Volt Absorb removes Electric type Stealth Rock.
Water Absorb removes Water type Stealth Rock.

Rapid Spin (without Scrappy) does not remove Ghost type Stealth Rock.

Standard OU clauses apply.

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So statistically, Fighting or Ground Stealth Rock is the best to have
Rock and Ice are probably most useful though
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"Attack on Titan" Titan Battle

Based on Shingeki No Kyojin's antagonists, the Titans, this tournament is a way for you to creatively use sets and ideas based on their behaviors.

Titans are human-like creatures that find and devour humans for currently unknown reasons. They don't starve, so it seems they do it for annihilation. Years in, they were classified by a measurement system. I am translating them to Pokemon size, so they are divided by four. Then rounded for size groups.

Regular Titans

  • 3-6 meter class: 0.8 - 1.5 meters
  • 7 meter class: 1.7 - 1.8 meters.
  • 8-14 meter class: 2 - 2.9 meters.
  • 15 meter class: 3.3-3.8 meters.

Special Titans:

  • Rouge / Coordinate is 15 meter class.
  • Dancing is unknown. We'll throw it in the 8-14 meter class.
  • Female Titan is 14 meter class.
  • Armored Titan is 15 meter class.
  • Beast Titan is 17 meter class, which is 4-5 meters.
  • Colossal Titan is 60 meter class. 15 is too big, we will make it anything over 5 meters.

List of Pokemon by height.


Lots of them.

  • The Rouge Titan doesn't work well with others. It cannot use support moves, it can only set up and attack.
  • The Dancing Titan cannot attack special titans.
  • The Female Titan is a loner, but can call upon other Titans. Must be the fastest member of the team.
  • The Colossal Titan is incredibly slow. Must be the slowest member of the team. (Debatable.)
  • The Armored Titan has various speeds. Must have higher defensive stats than offensive. This is after EV investment.
  • The Beast Titan has interest in humans. It also communicates with other titans, and has not attacked any notable things. Therefore, it cannot deal direct damage. You may not use Taunt on the Beast Titan.
  • Non-special titans are mindless and can only use attacking moves.
  • Best of three.
  • Each titan must appear once in the match. Also, you can't have two of the same special titan in a battle. This means you have to use two teams. 6 titans, 6 special titans. How will you organize them?
  • Only a special titan can Mega evolve.
  • 16 players.
  • Replays required.
  • Ubers are allowed.
  • Titans like to move together, so these will be double battles.

That's a lot to take in. Different, isn't it?

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Seems interesting.
seems complicated
Highly complicated, but it'll make teambuilding tough and I like that :3
That's the idea :3
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Wonder Guard Tourney

My idea is to have an OU tournament with one catch: every Pokémon has Wonder Guard. This will require a lot more strategy than other battles, since every Pokémon will have to be hit with super effective moves. Each team will probably have to have every single move type somewhere in their Pokémon's movesets.


  • No type changing (i.e. Trick-or-Treat, Camouflage, etc.)
  • No damage-reducing berries (i.e. giving Jolteon a Shuca Berry)
  • Moves like Magnet Rise are banned
  • Ring Target is banned (come on, that will ruin the whole point of this)
  • You may not switch out on consecutive turns (to prevent endless switching)
  • (debatable) Weather is banned
  • (debatable) limit on number of weaknesses (i.e. no less than three weaknesses for each Pokemon)
  • More rules will be added as I see fit

Optional: we could also do this tournament with any other ability (such as Protean)

Each battle ends when either every Pokémon on one team feints or when one team becomes unable to hit an opposing Pokémon with any of its moves.

So anyway, I think this would be a fun, interesting tournament to have. If you do too, please go ahead and give that upvote button a click. :) If you have an idea for a different ability every team member should have, comment it and it will be taken into consideration. Thank you!

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I have an ability idea:  Speed Boost.  Basically, if you switch out your speed is reset.
Spiritomb and Sableye?
Azumarill says what?
Yep, this is 6th gen, so even the Ghost/Dark type can be hit.
And btw either 8 or 16 people can participate.
5 votes

World Cup Tour.

(Name given in honour of the World Cup and because it is based off the structure of the World Cup.)

What this tour involves is all of us travelling to one country to play football and determine a winner xD

Seriously though these are the Rules for the tourney:

  • Tourney will have 16 participants
  • There will be 4 Groups; Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D.
  • Participants will be randomly assigned to one of the 4 Groups.
  • 4 Participants per Group.
  • Once you have been put into a Group with three other people, you will face them all exactly once.
  • If you win the match you get 3 Points, I don't think you can draw on Showdown but if someone does manage to draw with someone else then they will both be reward with 1 Point. If you lose a match you get 0 Points.
  • The two participants with highest amount of points will go through, in the event of two people having the same amount of points, goal difference in this case "Pokémon difference" will be taken into account to determine who advances and who doesn't. If two participants have the same amount of "Pokémon difference", then they will play a separate game to determine who advances. For all those who don't know what I'm getting at when I say "Pokémon difference" it's how many Pokémon of the opposition you faint to how many Pokémon of your's the opposition faints. Simple enough?
  • After the Group Stage the winner of Group A will face the runner up of Group B, with the runner up of Group A facing the winner of Group B. The winner of Group C will face the runner up of Group D, and the runner up of Group C will face the winner of Group D.
  • After that the winner of the "winner of Group A vs. the runner up of Group B", will face the winner of the "runner up of Group A vs. the winner of Group B". The winner of the "winner of Group C vs. the runner up of Group D", will face the winner of the "winner of the runner up of Group C vs. the runner up of Group D". (Sorry if I've worded this confusingly.)
  • Then of course after that it's the final :D
  • Normal Smogon clauses apply e.g. Sleep Clause etc.
  • Or and of course this is Pokémon so there will be a twist; Group A is NU, Group B is RU, Group C is UU and Group D is OU. The next leg after that is Ubers, then UU again for the semi-finals and OU for the final!

Before I get some idiot who says "can more than one person from the same country compete?" or something ridicules like that. This isn't really a competition country wise but individual wise, to see who is the champion of the world! ;) Besides seeing how the majority of people are either from the UK, the US or Australia it wouldn't exactly be much of a tournament.

I'm relieved to say no football is involved in this tournament thank God... well go ahead thank me :3

>Also guys after some decisions we've decided it would be unfair to have the Groups different tiers even if people were being randomly assigned. So please vote in this straw poll what tier you want the Groups Stages to be. Thank you!


commented 2 minutes ago by Sir Dan

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OU for final imo
It's the most common tier and the one the majority of people will be more used to
Yeah I'll change it :)

Also guys after some decisions we've decided it would be unfair to have the Groups different tiers even if people were being randomly assigned. So please vote in this straw poll what tier you want the Groups Stages to be. Thank you!

I was thinking about a tournament like this. But I already have 3 ideas on this thread. This tournament is going to be really fun.
I wanted to post an idea like this at the start of the WC, but I couldn't word it properly. Anyways, +1!
I would upvote this, but the rules are too intelligent and complicated for my simple mind. :3
4 votes

Little Big Cup

This tournament is going to be odd. There are a few rules.
1) Everything must be level 5.
2) Everything must be in its final form. (ie, level 5 Charizard)
3) No legendary Pokemon allowed.
4) There are no bans on 3 stage Pokemon, as being level 5 basically allows the entire game to be turned on its head.
5) Weather is allowed
6) Blaziken is allowed, since Talonflame checks it and so forth. Plus, at level 5, it's mostly about base power.
7) Megas are allowed.
8) There may not be more than 2 OU or greater Pokemon on your team, for balancing purposes

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This tier already exists
Called...? =o
STABmons exists. It got like 18 upvotes.
No legendaries is meh. I think just use smogons tiers. All pokemon should just be level 5 with no other restrictions
@Whatson, hawtcakes, it's basically level 5 OU.
The tier we'd have to use is custom-game, obviously. There's no way around it.
@tazzie, the no legends thing is more of because of evos and such. I guess we can lift that rule, tbh
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A normal OU tournament with 16 participants, and the twist is: you need 6 immunities on your team, and no more. i.e you could have the team Aegislash, Zapdos, Drapion, Rotom-wash, Infernape and Venusaur. I know this team may not be any good, but the idea is Aegislash has 3 immunities, Zapdos has 1, Drapion has 1, Rotom has 1, Infernape has 0 and Venusaur has 0, which adds up to 6. Each team in the tournament has to work like this.

  • The last round shall be Ubers, just to make it more interesting.

  • Immunities through abilities count, and so does the Air Balloon, but only one Air Balloon allowed per team.

  • It won't actually be that limiting. Quite a lot of pokemon in OU have immunities, and in the final Ubers round, you can have any Arceus type with an immunity!

  • Shedinja will have to be banned.

  • I think this will be quite interesting. It will make you re-think your team building strategy, and will decrease the use of several types like Normal, Fighting, Poison, Electric, ect.

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Seems cool actually. I like the idea :P. +1

Get rid of the Air Balloon thing tho. Tho some people won't be willing to give up all their items, it basically means they can have any pokemon they want. Restrict it to one air balloon per team only
OK, yeah multiple air balloons will just be stupid. Maybe only air balloon for pokemon that already have an immunity.
4 votes


MegaMons is an unique metagame for three reasons. The first one is that it does not change the mechanics of any moves, items, abilities or how any pokemon get those. The second is that it is based off of the Ubers metagame, and not the OU one. The third major difference is that it allows mega evolutionas to be used without their mega stones, and for multiple mega evolutions to be used on the same team.


  • All six of your Pokémon have to be Megas
  • You can use any six Megas, even those that are in Ubers
  • You can use mega evolutions without megastones
  • Standard Ubers clauses
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3 votes

Dunno if this has been done yet, if it has I'll hide this. But presenting
You have to use 6 Monotype tourney, but they must be from specific tiers as following.

  • 2 OU
  • 2UU
  • 1 RU
  • 1 NU

You can use one Pokemon from another type, but it has to be RU or NU.
This should be gen 6, so you can use MEGA POKEMON.


  • Shellsmash Baton Pass
  • Stealth Rock (More Fire, Ice and Flying teams)

I'll come up with more if this gets more votes. Please comment on ideas as well.
It should be 16 people.
Hope you like it!

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I just reformatted this because this was really badly indented. :P
3 votes

OU Monotype Changing Tournament

Basically the rules are simple, it will be a 16 man tournament set in Gen VI. You have to create a full team based around a certain type for example Fire. All Pokémon in the team need to be at least part Fire.

Ditto is banned from competing against all types expect Normal. Mega Evolutions that aren't already banned are allowed, as long as they are in there respective type. You cannot use Mega Evolutions such as Mega Aggron in a Rock type team, regardless of it being a Steel/Rock type before Mega Evolving, since it loses it's secondary type when it Mega Evolves.

The following Abilities are Banned: Dry Skin, Flash Fire, Sap Sipper, Lightning Rod, Motor Drive, Storm Drain, Volt Absorb and Water Absorb.

Overall it would look like this:

1st Round: Fire- 16 Participants
2nd Round: Water- 8 Participants
3rd Round: Grass- 4 Participants
4th Round: Electric- 2 Participants

Types can be changed by a public vote.

Of course the normal Smogon Clauses are also in effect:

Species, Sleep, Evasion, OHKO and Moody
Latios/ Latias may not hold Soul Dew
Sand Veil and Snow Cloak Abilities are Banned
Shell Smash and Baton Pass is Banned

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32 is too big.
I'll change it to 16 :)
3 votes

Okay the only problem with tournaments is sometimes their a little too short, as after one match it can be over in a heartbeat :/

Which is why I suggest this:

Best of three matches tourney

Okay so this will be a 16 participant tourney with the usually Smogon clauses. However I'm going to add a twist; each round their will be a different tier. For example 1st Round will be a Random Battle, 2nd Round will be OU, 3rd Round UU etc.

Tiers for each round can be changed by public vote, if nobody votes then it will be chosen at random.

The idea of this is to get people more involved in a tourney. We could either do it where you have to stick with the same team for all 3 matches, or do it where you are allowed to use a different team after every match.

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3 votes

The Metagame (tournament)


This is a tournament in which the style of each round is completely different, and will be played in a different Meta. So, let's say, round One was Ou, and the Meta was Stall. All teams would have to be stall-like teams. Then it could be Round 2: Ubers, Hyper Offensive. The UU, Sun etc etc until only one competitor is left.

Too make sure the teams fit the criteria, I will be looking for someone to help out who isn't in the actual tour. . Teams will be submitted to this person (or people) to check if they fit the criteria (feel free to ask if you are not sure what the meta terms are).


16 man tour, regular smogon rule apply for each tier

Teams must be submitted by deadline date to the individual officiating the tournament

Teams must not use weather unless that is the selected Meta

No FEAR, OHKO moves, blah, blah )standard procedure stuff)

Feel free to suggest rules

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3 votes

The Mega Showdown Tourney

This tournament is a battle between Megas and Semi-Megas.

Rules Are...
-Have a maximum of 3 Pokemon in your team.
-Have 1 Mega Pokemon in your team.
-Have 2 Pokemon in your team that can Mega Evolve.
-Any Megas allowed in your team, as long as if it has been officially revealed by Game Freak (No Megas Latis allowed in the tourney).
-Any moves and items allowed, as long as if they are NOT hacked.
-If your Mega Pokemon is eliminated from a battle, you lose, and get disqualified from the tournament.
-16 Participants

Anyways, this is all I could thing of. Hope you guys like it!

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These Touneys are in Showdown, not WiFi.
I know that. Did I include something Wifi T-T?
"The Mega Pokemon you will be using must be exclusive to your game." what do you mean by your game? does each contestant choose a version?
I edited it. I guess it makes it sound confusing.
I say we do Custom format and able to use 3 mega forms, but all must hold their respective Mega Stones.
mewtwo,locaro and gengar... my team ;)
3 votes

Mono mon tourney. Basically OU except you can only use 1 type of pokemon.
E.g. if you chose Gengar to be your pokemon you have to have 6! Gengar.


  • OU rules (except the "has to be different pokemon" rule)
  • Different pokemon
  • You can use different forms of pokemon and mega evolve
  • no legendary pokemon
  • no ditto
    16 Participants
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MeW2011, any thoughts?
^^ Wasn't that Mewderator's previous name?
3 votes


look for the rules there, it seems like a really fun metagame. it's already been coded and is wouldn't be too hard to implement (Or it might be I don't really know), so it seems like a fun tourney c:. it would be a 16 person tourney, single elimination, and be held on our server (or any server that has it).

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Looks fun! +1!
3 votes


enter image description here

Welcome to the KILLZ tourney.

8-16 players, they will face each other twice, once in a Double Battle another in a Single.
The Pokemon with the most kills wins.

A Killz is when they make another Pokemon faint, it is 1 point.
Let's say, Kronos's Infernape has 23 points while other people's Pokemon have less points than that, that means that Kronos will win the tourney because his Infernape has more points than any other Person's Pokemon.

A Killz Assist is 0.5 points, if you damage a Pokemon with an attack and another Poke kills it, than the Pokemon that damaged it first gets 0.5 points.
The Pokemon that LAST attacked it before it died gets the killz assist.

Toxic, Burn damage counts for both. SR, Spikes and T-Spikes damage does not count.

The Double Battle part makes it much more interesting, it's much easier to get Killz and Killz Assist if there are 2 Pokemon on the field instead of one.

The point is to make team based around one Pokemon, try to make that Pokemon get as many Points possible so that you win the whole tourney.

Make sure to stop your opponent from killing your Pokemon!
I hope you guys like it :D
The rules are

  1. Standard OU
  2. Regular OU banlist
    Any other ideas?
    If you guys didn't understand anything, feel free to tell me in the comments :D
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That sword is so kewl :D
2 votes

The Spooooky Tourney

Standard OU 16 participants blah blah blah, but, the twist is, only Pokémon that are Psychic, Dark, Ghost or Fighting types. I came up with this because these 3 types are so disconnected from the other types effectivenesswise (apart from Fighting) that they're like a individual type chart of their own! The effectivenesses with these types are so confusing, so it will be quite interesting to see which types are most popular.

This could also be held on/around Halloween to make it more spooky. (I know Fighting isn't really spooky, but it's related to the other types, and it evens it out.)

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Psychic would be so underpowered tho.
And Dark would be overpowered :I
Nice idea!
Replace Ghost for Fighting and im in. (no longer spooooky but w/e)
I love the idea, but it's not gonna work very well. Add Bug to it, since many people find Bugs creepy. Balance out the Dark aspect
...and makes Psychic even more under powered.
What should I add? Fighting or Bug? I think Fighting would balance it out more, but its not really spooky. Well, I suppose you could fight spookily, maybe?
How about both?
2 votes

The Rental Tourney

I don't know much about competitive battling so I've added no rules or anything. The public can debate that.

At the end of each round, the victor of each pairing copies their losing opponent's team exactly for the next round. They are given no tips on how to use the team, and they are not allowed to edit the team in anyway to suit themselves.

I hope it doesn't screw up the DB. :D

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Now to make the crappiest team ever!
this sounds like a terrible itour idea tbh :I
I like your rental tourney idea, but the rules needed to be improved.  This is my idea:
 1. You create a team with six Pokémon, like you would for regular OU battling.
 2. One (or two for the later rounds) of your Pokémon will be randomly selected to battle for your team.
 3. For the rest of your Pokémon, you must choose from teams that the other competitors have made.
 4. After each round, the teams are recalculated.
convert this to a comment on Indigo's suggestion.
It's the same thing as Indigo's.
It's more or less Indis, If you wish a rule change, it's better to comment it. Which is what I just did for you.
Ok.  Thanks, Sempi!
Kinda made a twist on this tourney.  It saves so you won't have a team of crappy pokemon tho :P