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Corrections/improvements to our Location guide

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We now have a Location guide online for B2W2, which contains all the basic "wild encounters" in grass, double grass, surfing and fishing.

The guide doesn't have gift Pokemon, trades or 'interactable' Pokemon (e.g. legendaries), so I've opened this thread for anyone that wants to help out!

If you spot any Pokemon missing from the guide - in any game not just B2W2 - post it here. Make sure to include details:

  • the game it appears in
  • the Pokemon (and its form if appropriate)
  • the level(s) it appears at
  • the location (route or town name)
  • more exact location if appropriate e.g. the floor number or room in a cave (check the route in our guide to see if there are sub-routes listed)
  • any special conditions needed (e.g. items/Pokemon you need to have in your party, or in the case of in-game trades, the Pokemon you trade away)

I would like to simplify the guide in places as well. For example if you look at Twist Mountain some of the rows can be combined. Boldore is listed as appearing in Black in Spring, Summer and Autumn, then a separate row for Winter, then exactly the same again for White. That can be combined into one row: Boldore/B/W/all seasons/common/lvl 28-31. If you see any more when browsing the guide, let me know.

asked Jun 30, 2012 by Pokemaster
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Do Hidden Hollow Pokemon count?
1) Pokewalker?
2) Safari Zone Pokemon?
@Miles07: (1) We already have a Pokewalker section, but I will probably fold that into the regular location guide soon; (2) Yes we need to add Safari Zone Pokemon, feel free to post any additions.
can the guides include roaming Pokemon?
If you'd like to simplify the tables, can we only have one table for Solaceon Ruins? The exact same Pokemon are in every room.

16 Answers

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Okay, I'll help with some of this.


  • Cobalion is at Route 13 at Level 45
  • Virizion is at Route 11 at Level 45
  • Terrakion is at Route 22 at Level 45
  • Zekrom is at Dragonspiral Tower at Level 70 (Black 2)
  • Reshiram is at Dragonspiral Tower at Level 70 (White 2)
  • Kyurem is at Giant Chasm at Level 70
  • Latios is at the Dreamyard at Level 68 (Black 2)
  • Latias is at the Dreamyard at Level 68 (White 2)
  • Uxie is at Nacrene Museum at Level 65
  • Mesprit is on top of Celestial Tower at Level 65
  • Azelf is at Route 23 at Level 65
  • Regirock is at the Underground Ruins at Level 65
  • Regice is at the Underground Ruins at Level 65 (White 2)
  • Registeel is at the Underground Ruins at Level 65 (Black 2)
  • Regigigas is at Twist Mountain at Level 68
  • Cresselia is at Marvelous Bridge at Level 68
  • Heatran is at Rebirth Mountain at Level 68


  • N's Zorua is given to you at Driftveil City at Level 25 by a sage
  • Eevee is given to you at Castelia City at Level 10 by Fennel (Hidden ability Adaptability)
  • Deerling is given to you by the scientist at the weather institute at Level 30 (Hidden ability Serene Grace)
  • A shiny Gible is given to you by Alder's grandson in Sangi Town at Level 1 after defeating him at Black City (Black 2)
  • A shiny Dratini is given to you by Alder's grandson in Sangi Town at Level 1 after defeating him at White Forest (White 2)
  • An egg containing a Happiny is given to you by a breeder
  • A fossil is given to you in Twist Mountain daily by a worker and they can be resurrected into Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Anorith, Aerodactyl, Cranidos, and Bastiodon depending on the fossil given
  • A fossil is given at the Nacrene Museum by Lenora as congrats on defeat of the Elite Four, and can be resurrected into Archen or Tirtouga, depending on chosen fossil


  • Volcarona is found at Relic Castle at Level 35
  • Mandibuzz can be found at Route 4 at Level 25 (Hidden Ability Weak Armor, Black 2) THURSDAYS ONLY
  • Braviary can be found at Route 4 at Level 25 (Hidden Ability Defiant, White 2) MONDAYS ONLY
  • Foongus can be found on Route 6 as Poke Balls at Level 29
  • Jellicent occasionally appear at Undella Bay at Level 40 (Hidden Ability Damp)
  • Crustle can appear at Seaside Cave at Level 42
  • Shiny Haxorus can be found at Level 60 at the Nature Sanctuary at Mistralton City


  • In Nacrene City, a Petilil @ Power Anklet, Timid Nature, Female, Own Tempo, Level 20, with Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Synthesis, Magical Leaf is offered for a Cottonee (Black 2)
  • In Nacrene City, a Cottonee @ Power Weight, Modest Nature, Female, Prankster, Level 20, with Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Cotton Spore, Magical Leaf is offered for a Petilil (White 2)
  • In Route 7, a Gigalith @ Leppa Berry, Jolly Nature, Sturdy, Level 35, with Iron Defense, Smack Down, Power Gem, Rock Slide is offered for an Emolga
  • In Seigaiha City, a Tangrowth @ Sitrus Berry, Jolly Nature, Chlorophyll, Level 45, with Natural Gift, Giga Drain, Slam, and Ancientpower is offered for a Mantine
  • In Route 15, a Rotom @ Max Elixir, Gentle Nature, Levitate, Level 60 with Substitute, Hex, Electro Ball, and Charge is offered for a Ditto
  • In Accumula Town, a Ambipom @ Sitrus Berry, Jolly Nature, Pickup, Level 40, with Nasty Plot, Agility, Fling, Double Hit is offered for an Excadrill

Hidden Grottos

Route 2
- Nidoran M/F (Hustle), Granbull (Rattled), Watchog (Analytic)

Route 3
- Lombre (Own Tempo), Manectric (Minus), Bibarel (Moody), Pachirisu (Volt Absorb), Zebstrika (Sap Sipper)

Route 5
- Liepard (Prankster), Mincinno (Skill Link), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 6
- Woobat (Simple), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 7
- Watchog (Analytic), Cubchoo (Rattled), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator)

Route 9
- Muk (Poison Touch), Liepard (Prankster), Garbodor (Aftermath), Bouffalant (Soundproof)

Route 13
- Tangela (Regenerator), Spheal (Oblivious), Drifloon (Flare Boost), Skorupi (Keen Eye), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 18
- Fearow (Sniper), Kingler (Sheer Force), Dragonite (Multiscale), Chatot (Big Pecks)

Route 22
- Pelliper (Rain Dish), Amoonguss (Regenerator), Mienfoo (Reckless)

Route 23
- Golduck (Swift Swim), Gligar (Immunity), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator), Absol (Justified)

Sangi Ranch
- Marill (Sap Sipper), Dunsparce (Rattled), Herdier (Scrappy)

Pinwheel Forest
- Butterfree (Tinted Lens, White 2), Beedrill (Sniper, Black 2), Poliwhirl (Swift Swim), Murkrow (Prankster), Breloom (Technician), Hariyama (Sheer Force), Medicham (Telepathy), Bagon (Sheer Force), Amoonguss (Regenerator)

Lostlorn Forest
- Pinsir (Moxie), Heracross (Moxie), Combee (Hustle), Leavanny (Overcoat)

Giant Chasm
- Clefairy (Friend Guard), Ditto (Imposter), Sneasel (Pickpocket), Metang (Light Metal)

Abundant Shrine
- Vulpix (Drought), Golduck (Swift Swim), Swablu (Cloud Nine), Bronzor (Heavy Metal), Amoonguss (Regenerator)

Note: Eevee can be caught in any Hidden Grotto.

answered Jun 30, 2012 by Mewderator
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...What are these "Hidden Hollows?" I'd like to know more about this.
You acctually meat them at level 42 :3
Yes! I can get the Regigs:]
Where do you get the Happiny?
the fossil can be resurrected into shieldon, not bastiodon...
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N's Pokemon

After using Memory Link, N's Pokemon in Black/White will be in the wild (All Pokemon before the final battle). They will give off a glow like the picture above. They will have N as the OT and 00002 as the ID.

Format: Pokemon: Level, Ability, Moves

Route 2
- Purloin: 7, Limber, Scratch, Growl, Assist
Wellspring Cave
- Woobat: 55, Simple, Air Slash, Future Sight, Psychic, Endeavor
Pinwheel Forest:
- Pidove: 13, Big Pecks, Gust, Growl, Quick Attack, Leer
- Timburr: 13, Guts, Leer, Bide, Focus Energy, Low Kick
- Tympole: 13, Swift Swim, Growl, Supersonic, Round, Bubblebeam
Desert Resort:
- Sandile: 22, Intimidate, Sand Tomb, Assurance, Embargo, Mud Slap
- Darumaka: 22, Hustle, Headbutt, Fire Punch, Facade, Uproar
- Darmanitan: 35, Zen Mode, Thrash, Belly Drum, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm
- Scraggy: 22, Shed Skin, Faint Attack, Headbutt, Swagger, Brick Break
- Sigilyph: 22, Wonder Skin, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Psybeam, Air Cutter
Chargestone Cave:
- Boldore: 28, Sturdy, Mud Slap, Iron Defense, Smack Down, Power Gem
- Joltik: 28, Compoundeyes, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Gastro Acid, Slash
- Ferroseed: 28, Iron Barbs, Metal Claw, Pin Missile, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense
- Klink: 28, Plus, Charge Beam, Gear Grind, Bind, Thundershock

answered Jun 30, 2012 by Mewderator
edited Jun 30, 2012 by Mewderator
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Well, there is no location guide for the Victory Road in Hoenn. Don't know anything about the Pokemon in this victory road, sorry!

answered Sep 14, 2012 by Megaflygon
edited Oct 1, 2012 by Megaflygon
look it up on Bulbapedia.
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This is for black and white.

For the pokemon seadra and kingdra.

It appears in route 17 and 18 as well.The sight of spotting seadra is common using a super rod and spotting kingdra is rare using a super rod.

Please update this.

answered Aug 9, 2012 by Exca le roi
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This is more for HGSS:

Corsola: always found Lv.20 via : Good Rod, Morning/Day Rare
                                   Lv.40 via : Super Rod, Morning/Day Uncommon

  • Cherrygrove City (Johto)
  • Olivine City (Johto)
  • Cianwood City (Johto)
  • Johto Route 34
  • Johto Route 40
  • Kanto Route 19

Also, missing Gen IV details for Kanto/Johto Victory Road.
Hope this helps. I'll add more to this as I find more things.

answered Sep 8, 2012 by Miles07
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Darmanitan can be located in desert resort after you give it a ragecandybar

answered Oct 13, 2012 by HeatnorFtr
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As noted by Kingdra in another question:

Braviary can be caught at Route 4 (shockingly)
So can Mandibuzz in Black 2.
These go under interact

answered Oct 14, 2012 by Pokemaster
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There are many caves where the same wild Pokemon with the same encounter rates and level are found throughout the cave. These include the Artisan Cave in Hoenn and the Solaceon Ruins in Sinnoh. If all of the tables on the same page were reduced to one table, the page would load much faster.

answered Jul 5 by sumwun
Also, the page about Lake Verity has two identical tables.
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This is for firered:

I dont know the levels but onix should be found in victory road. I know this for a fact because the other day I ran into a few. I will look into the exact details and edit this post if possible. It only shows on Onix's page that it appears in Rock Tunnel and Seavault Canyon.

answered Mar 9, 2013 by Chimcharizard
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Pokemon Y
Gorebyss level 35
Route 12 (Fourrage Road) Kalos
Super-Rod Fishing

Caught after about 20 throws, mostly just Corsola and Octillery. Would put as rare with the Huntail

answered Oct 25, 2013 by Fuzzyluzzi
I can confirm this - took about 22 bites for mine to show up on pokemon Y.
If ya miss does that wreck it?
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There are two locations in Hoenn that contained wild Pokemon in Generation III but are missing information about them on this site. They are Lilycove City and Victory Road. The Pokemon found in these locations are also missing location data on their Pokedex pages.

answered Jun 23 by sumwun
edited Jul 5 by sumwun
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in RSE, there's a wynaut in lavaridge town and a castform on route 119. both are gifts that can only be received once. they're levels 5 and 25 respectively.
In platinum (only, not diamond or pearl) there's an eevee in hearthome city and a porygon in veilstone city. both are gifts that can only be received once. they're levels 20 and 25 respectively.

answered Jul 12 by sumwun
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The page about Altering Cave says that Pokemon other than Zubat can be found there. They are unreleased events, and cannot be encountered without hacking. Please fix this.

answered Jul 17 by sumwun
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There are two Altering Caves, one in Hoenn and one in Kanto. However, this site only gives information about Hoenn's Altering Cave. The only Pokemon in Kanto's Altering Cave are Zubat levels 6-16.

answered 4 days ago by sumwun
I think you mean Kalos and not Kanto
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In Platinum (I'm not sure about DP), Rotom can only be encountered at night. Its encounter rate is limited, not common.

answered 1 day ago by sumwun
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Every page still says, "Hint: Black/White 1 & 2 are Generation 5, other DS games are Gen 4." Please update this.

answered 1 day ago by sumwun