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Have the box centered

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The box that says "Hello trachy My Account My Updates Logout"

If that could be centered, I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing. It would also solve the issue I still have of the Battle Subway/Meta button being covered.

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Still, it is a problem for mine and others who use the same one I use.
Instead of just trying to make it so one browser is fixed, which I guess might take some work, why not just center it for all. If I'm to guess, that should be much simpler.
It'd also make the box look nicer, and make the whole page look more organized IMO.
@Trachy: Yep.
@Victini: Yep.
@ Rio: Yep.

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I think it's nice on the right ;)

And I'm not sure moving it would fix that problem. I made some changes so the buttons don't overlap so much on Internet Explorer.

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Looks nice now. Thanks.