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Why were you banned? [For Moderator Use]

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So whenever we ban a user for a length of time of one day or more, us mods post here. This way Pokemaster can go through and unban those who he feels deserve a second chance, or in the case of wrongful banning, such as banning a user because you think (without any solid proof) that it might be a duplicate. This also helps us remember to unban you from temporary bans.

Don't comment on this page unless you have real reasons, it slows down loading.

Please do not make a duplicate and request to be unbanned, because the answer is already no. If you think a user was unjustly banned, just remember Moderators generally do not overturn the decisions of other Moderators.

Useful link: Ban report thread

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@Distorted_palkia I only know one Pikamaster, do you know him?
Ye but there is lots.
Pikamaster is a common, easy name to think of. The fact that there might be more than one is only to be expected.
a common name for common people
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First account: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/FrostCoin
Second account: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Elite Four Cyan

The user FrostCoin will be banned for one week, and Elite Four Cyan will be banned for a minimum of one week but may later receive a permanent ban. These accounts were blocked, as they come from the IP network and voted each other up and have simultaneously accessed the website to support each other when questioned.

I posted an answer on this thread, then later found that another answer that contrasts mine had been selected by the asker. The question was posted by the first account and answer was posted by second. The answer and the question then received an upvote each, and my answer and comments were flagged. It is clear the two accounts are voting each other and acting in tandem here. The accounts continued to put down my answer until I questioned them on their matching IP address, which is when the flags were removed and several posts were taken down by their authors, including the original post. However, I have everything on record.

This post shows the thread as it was when I had received flags and most of the posts were still public. These two users made it very very obvious what they were doing, and better yet they did it in front of a moderator. I commented on the post saying that I thought Elite Four Cyan was "the same person or trying to elevate FrostCoin somehow", which I never received a response to. If that wasn't accurate I'm sure I would've gotteIn a response instead of seeing the thread taken down. So they both get a ban. Depending on whether or not Elite Four Cyan is another person or a duplicate account, I may permanently block the account later.

If you're going to break the rules, please don't make it as obvious as these guys made it. :P

EDIT: I found another account that was made on the same IP, which is linked here. This one I will definitely block permanently. This furthers my suspicion that Elite Four Cyan is indeed a duplicate account. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/LanceChampion

EDIT #2: I found another account that is related to the three above, also permanently blocked. The IP was different on this one, but the main account attempted to log in using it as well so I know it is related. Due to the attempts to evade the ban, I'm extending the ban to two weeks for FrostCoin and making all the others permanent. I will continue to look out for new accounts, as it is apparent there is a dynamic IP address being used here. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/KantoChampionRed

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Umm Fizz? The thread you posted was deleted. Also it does seem possible they are dupes. And lastly, I found another piece of evidence they might be dupes. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/277091/is-this-giratina-hacked
I know it was taken down, but I can still see everything in it. (I might actually reshow it and clean it up a bit since it isn't a bad question.) The imgur post linked in the answer shows everything before it was removed, so it doesn't matter.
Thanks for the link to that thread, I'll take down the post and select the other one.
Ah, I was going to voice my suspicions, but you were on the ball, as always :)