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Why were you banned? [For Moderator Use]

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So whenever we ban a user for a length of time of one day or more, us mods post here. This way Pokemaster can go through and unban those who he feels deserve a second chance, or in the case of wrongful banning, such as banning a user because you think (without any solid proof) that it might be a duplicate. This also helps us remember to unban you from temporary bans.

Don't comment on this page unless you have real reasons, it slows down loading.

Please do not make a duplicate and request to be unbanned, because the answer is already no. If you think a user was unjustly banned, just remember Moderators generally do not overturn the decisions of other Moderators.

Useful link: Ban report thread

asked Aug 4, 2012 by trachy
edited Sep 10, 2014 by Ninja
Ok time to hide stuff. Can you? It takes the page 7-8 seconds to load!
Hiding won't do anything. Pokemaster has to delete the hidden posts, and we try to keep them for temporary bans to remember offenses people have made.
Page runs fine for me.
Probably just my 9-12 MBPS internet.
Are we going to make a collective post for all of kirtdraney's accounts? :P
It's not my call but I doubt ^ is punishable past a mean glance.

3 Answers

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http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Smoke+Weed+Everyday also known as demat.

I gave fair warning to change it. As much as the name doesn't bother me, it has no place on a website like this.

3 months.

answered Feb 4 by Ninja
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Banned for having dupes, spam upvoting himself with them, and impersonating myself in chat, saying that he'll ban people and all this stupid ****. I have plenty of witnesses, and screenshots of the matter. This guy claimed he hated me anyways, so that's one less dumbass to deal with.

Screenshots(Courtesy of TwoStepsFromHell)



answered Feb 2 by &Psychic x
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Blue_Trainer91. This user was been posting toxic and silly answers in the RMT section a lot recently. Typical genwunner who feels the need to spam "use Butterfree" on everything.

  • This user has a problem with the tier system. That's fine and all, but he has been posting about how he thinks it's dumb rather than rating teams.
  • Talks back to mods. I hid one of the unsatisfactory posts with a comment, but he answers again. Fondant explained this time, but he argued again.
  • Low quality posts. Looking through the admin, all I see from him is "use Charizard" and "Butterfree is OP".

Week long ban, we'll see how things go from there.

answered Feb 21 by ƒιzz
Charizard all the things
Ash has a Charizard. Ash's Charizard is his strongest Pokémon (he's consistent, while Pikachu loses his strength in between region). Therefore, Ash's Charizard is OP. Therefore, all Charizard are OP.

Ash's Infernape > his Charizard
Still hasn't stopped. I won't ban again unless it gets really out of hand.
He had to be Scottish.My ancestors were and he disrespects Scotland by breaking the rules.och aye that's no good mate.