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Gravatar and ipod issue

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I use my ipod to get on Pokemondb.net And im trying to get a picture when it says choose from file i cant click it i use safari i have good internet connection whats wrong

On gravatar it wont let me choose from a folder i mean it dosen't let me choose any picture at all!

asked Aug 8, 2012 by greenpokefan122
retagged Dec 23, 2012
What picture, what page? Please BE SPECIFIC.

1 Answer

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Go ask Gravatar, this isnt our problem.

But I have the answer. You can't chose a pic from your IPod. Simple.. Upload the pic to a computer and then do it from there.

answered Aug 8, 2012 by Ninja
selected Aug 8, 2012 by greenpokefan122