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Create a Pokemon Thread.

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First some side notes.
Ok Pokemaster may not see the relevance in this but I and many others do.
It will spread the word of the DB, we would have a mascot, and users will get involved.

" Just to be clear, you can use this thread (and chat) to create a Pokemon if you really want to. But it's not going to be any kind of "mascot" for this site. " - PM

" If you want to do this, just keep it to one thread (and chat). But this is still nothing to do with Pokemon Database. " - PM

The only reason for posting those two quotes, is so people using this do realize this isn't going to be a site mascot. Just to keep people from getting confused. ( -Josh )

Other than that the CAP idea is great and we will need ideas.
This is where you, the community comes in.
We need ideas and a fresh new post strictly for ideas is awesome this means we are not posting on an already cluttered post.
My apologies to Kyron for posting this I'm sure you may have wanted to but it's best out sooner than later.
"Do not put off tomorrow what can be done today"

Anyway as for ideas keep it realistic so no Pokemon with no weakness.
No Pokemon with 175 Satk ect
No made up type and ability.

Keep it simple yet original, a Pokemon no other person may think of, something that can bring something new to the meta game.
Don't spam answers try have 3 max and in your answer include type, ability, possible looks and a name(not needed yet).
The rest will be decided on later by the people in the know.
This will not work like the tournament suggestions only downvote if you hate the idea.
Don't downvote because you prefer another Pokemon, or you you want yours to win.
Also don't downvote if you just don't like the idea much to keep personal feelings in tact if it's not a good idea it won't be up voted simple as that.


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asked Sep 2, 2012 by Blobyolo
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There is a Fire and Electric type somewhere on this post. Look for it.
Is this thread still open to post answered on?
I think it is still can be answered on, its just not being used a lot in other words: not popular.
Yo can this still be posted on???
Yes, this thread is still open.

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I've made so many, but here's one of the two top ones. This is one of the first ones:
Lollipop Flower Pokemon
13.7 lbs
LOLLIGRA loves flying and sunny places.
LOLLIGRA has different leaves for different reasons.
The flower stays all year long.
If the flower falls or wilts, it dies.
Egg roup: Grass/Fairy

Sproupop {♀}
Lollipop Sprout Pokemon
26.8 lbs
Sproupop's wings are still growing inside the seed. The seed comes off when it evoles.

Seeda {♀}
Seed Pokemon
0.3 lbs
Seeda lives underground while it grows. It comes above ground when it's about to evolve.

Lolligra evolves from Sproupop, which evolves from Seeda.



  • Sparx
    Bright Pokemon

  • Starrior
    Fight/ Fairy
    Star Fighter Pokemon
    Levitate, Hidden: Guts
    [evoles from Stara]

  • Stara
    Star Pokémon
    Levitate, Hidden: Guts

  • Luvwing
    Fairy/ Flying
    Love Pokemon
    Serene Grace, Healer

-more details later-


answered Oct 5, 2013 by FenaFox
edited Jan 10, 2014 by FenaFox
Lol xD
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Metrazagon is a Steel/Dragon type that gives off 1 HP EV and 2 Spd EVs. It's ability is Arena Trap. It's Dream World ability is Rock Head.
Base Stats:
95 HP
83 Atk
80 Def
50 SAtk
80 SDef
135 Spd
For a total of 523! The average to bad attack, defense, special attack and special defense make up for that speedy speed.
Height: 17' 5"
Weight: 2056 pounds. Luckily, this guy can not learn any weight based moves.
Pokedex entry: Iron Heart Pokemon. In the old days, this Pokemon was known for having no hospitality for even the smallest, most helpless creature.
Name origin: Metal, Razor, and Dragon.
Metrazagon's Story:
Metrazagon came from a family of very strong Dragon type Pokemon. They were immortal, and they eventually became rulers of their region. But then a silly human tried to catch one of them. That one was Metrazagon. He was so enraged, he tried to rip the human apart. Luckily, this was Will, the champion of the Unova Region! Will's powerful Lucario trapped Metrazagon underground forever, and his howls of rage caused the region to erupt in earthquakes. After 100 days and 100 nights, Metrazagon finally escaped from his tomb and took shelter high in the mountains, where he lies in wait for Will to come back for him.
Iron Tail
Dual Chop
Draco Meteor
Rock Slide
Icicle Crash
Noble Roar
Mean Look
Iron Head
Dragon Tail
Poison Tail
Flash Cannon
Roar of Time
Shadow Claw
Thunder Fang
Flame Charge
Flame Wheel
Defense Curl
Hidden Power
Secret Power
Quick Attack
Hone Claws
Dragon Claw
This is definitely supposed to be a legendary, but I think because of the stats it would probably be in OU, buuuut, because of the typing, maybe Ubers.
I hope you like it!

answered Oct 12, 2013 by MasterLucario300
I'm Will, if you couldn't tell.
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Tundra: Snowy peak,
Dwelling: living, stalling in a cave or somewhere :P
Type: Fairy/Ice (Steel will screw it over)
Abilities : snow cloak, healer DW: Magic bounce

This Pokemon will look for for people will guide people who are stranded in the mountains and has the ability to energise people. It also likes to sing (:

1 Helping Hand
1 Hidden power
1 ice shard
1 fairy wind
1 charm
5 sing
9 powder snow
13 ice shard
17 disarming voice
22 sub zero *
26 round
31 moon blast
35 tundra ray **
39 nasty plot
46 hail
48 blizzard
50 hyper voice
58 perish song
* Sub zero: type) ice power) 65 acc) 100 Deals damage and lowers special defence by 1 stage
** Tundra ray: type) ice power) 120 acc)95 Deals damage and lowers users sp. Att and sp. Def by 1 stage (signature move)

HM moves:
Waterfall FTW

Att: 50
Def: 50
Sp.a: 135
Sp.d: 50
Spd : 95
HP : 60
Total: 440

answered Oct 19, 2013 by bobcat
edited Oct 19, 2013 by bobcat
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Behold the best walling setup in history!

Ability: Sturdy, Prankster, Mountaineer
Egg group| Mineral
HP: 60
Att: 20
Def: 150
Sp.Att: 25
Sp.Def: 150
Speed: 5
Total: 410

1 Seismic Toss 1rollout 1 foresight 1 harden 1sharpen 1 pound 7 Rock Throw 11 Bide
16 Seismic toss 20 power gem 25 Double kick 30 swagger 34 Magnitude 37 Protect
41 Crunch 46 stealth Rock 50 Rock Wrecker 55 Iron Defence 65 fissure 70 shell smash
Egg Moves: Spikes, Stealth Rock, Iron Defence, Rollout
HM's: Cut, Rock Smash, Surf
TM's: Hone Claws, Calm Mind, Roar, Toxic, bulk up, hidden power, taunt, ice beam, blizzard, hyper beam, light screen, protect, safeguard, frustration, solar beam, thunderbolt, thunder, earthquake, return, dig, shadow ball, brick break, double team, reflect, sludge wave, flamethrower, sludge bomb, sandstorm, fire blast, rock tomb aerial ace, torment, facade, rest, attract, thief, low sweep, round, focus blast, energy ball, false swipe, fling, charge beam, Will-o-wisp, embargo, explosion, payback, retaliate, giga impact, rock tomb, flash, stone edge, volt switch, thunder wave, gyro ball, swords dance, psych up, bulldoze, rock slide, dragon tail, poison jab, grass knot, swagger, sleep talk, u-turn, substitute, flash cannon, trick room, wild charge, rock smash, snarl, nature power, Dark pulse, Pwr-up Punch, confide

Waller with prankster...
Nuf said...

answered Dec 23, 2013 by bobcat
What the ability "Mountaineer"?
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I came up with this idea while ranting about gen 6 earlier...
I was rather disappointed that Heliolisk was not a Basilisk, but rather a Basilisk Lizard
Also, I do not know how to link an image to this site, But I'll try to figure something out...
I will be adding on to this later, when I am not pressed for time.
Name Origin: Helios-Sun god from Greek Mythology
Cockatrice-Rooster-headed dragon from European Mythology
Heliotrice: Evo of Helioptile and Heliolisk.
Typing: Dragon-Electric
Height:2.5 Meters
Length:3 Meters
Ability(s): (1 out of these, please comment)Protean,Moxie, Prankster, Reckless, Arena Trap/Shadow Tag
HP: 75
Atk: ?
Spe: 130
Method of Evolution:
Sun stone, Helioptile ----> Heliolisk now becomes evolution at level 28
Naturally Learned Attacks:
Dragon Claw
Wild Charge
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Dance
Foul Play
Brave Bird
Poison Jab
Sludge Bomb
Night Slash
Double Edge

answered Jan 9, 2014 by 3خᵭ_ʘƒ_OƈϮᴓȣe٣
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Make a create a Pokemon section on the site.
You should have commentated, not answered. Please convert this into a comment
what PX said and what exactly do you mean? this is a create a pokemon section and a site?
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A FairyIce type:

Frostline, the Icy Fox Pokemon.
Type: IceFairy
Ability: Trace/ Levitate/Snow Cloak
A small white fox with a blue nose tip, ears and tail. A snowflake pattern on its back, pale pink eyes and ribbons ((like Sylveon's)) that wrap around tail
Dex Entry: Frostline is able to breathe an extremely cold air to paralyze its opponents, and then attacks with its heavy tail. From its tails weight, it's always dragging it.
Gender: 50M50F
Ice Beam
Moon blast
First breath
Light screen
Dark pulse
Night slash
Icy wind
Crafty shield


answered Mar 23, 2014 by SparkyCharm110
More Moves and have something that the evo line will pass down
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Okay, it took me about a week to draw (and I pretty much redrawed them several times) these guys, but I'm finally done and ready to post this.
Three Grass/Fighting types based on tulips.

Click the Pokemon names for their images, but be warned that I'm not very talented at drawing.

Patuliseed (Fighter Forme)- The Seed Fighter- Fighting/Grass type

The name origin- Patada (kick in Spanish), Seed, Tulip/Tulipan (tulipan is tulip in Spanish).

HP: 65
Atk: 75
Def: 60
Sp.Atk: 40
Sp.Def: 55
Speed: 60

Arm Thrust
Beat Up
Brick Break
Bulk Up
Bullet Seed
Comet Punch
Cross Chop
Double Kick
Double Slap
Drain Punch
Energy Ball
Focus Energy
Force Palm
Giga Drain
Grass Whistle
Grassy Terrain
Hammer Arm
Hidden Power
High Jump Kick
Jump Kick
Karate Chop
Leaf Blade
Leech Seed
Low Kick
Low Sweep
Magicial Leaf
Mega Drain
Mega Kick
Morning Sun
Needle Arm
Petal Blizzard
Petal Dance
Poison Jab
Power Whip
Power-Up Punch
Quick Guard
Razor Leaf
Rock Smash
Rolling Kick
Seismic Toss
Sleep Powder
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Triple Kick

Ability: Chlorophyll

Whenever it uses a defensive move it changes to it's "Tulip Peeking" forme, which raises it's Def and Sp.Def each up to 90 until it uses an offensive move again, kind of like Aegislash.

Again, I suck at drawing..

Plantada- The Fighting Plant Pokemon- Fighting/Grass type.

The name origin- Patada (kick in Spanish), Plant/Planta(Planta is plant in Spanish).

HP: 90
Atk: 100
Def: 85
SpAtk: 65
SpDef: 80
Speed: 90

This thing learns everything Patuliseed does, but with the following moves added to the list-

Body Slam
Bullet Punch
Circle Throw
Close Combat
Double Hit
Double Team
Flower Shield
Grass Knot
Grass Pledge
Leaf Tornado
Mach Punch
Mega Punch

And the ability stays the same.

This drawing also sucks, but I like how I drew the vine arms (well I didn't do it as well as I did the first time, which actually looked pretty cool.
I was lazy with the drawing though. Make the vine arms thinner and a little smaller. Make the feet bigger and a little thicker. imagine a body similar to that of deoxys's, the vines (similar look to Deoxys's red and blue DNA stuff) make up the body and connect perfectly to the hands, just like deoxys.

Tuliplantada- The Tulip Fighter Pokemon- Grass/Fighting.

Name origin- Tulip/Tulipan, Patada, Plant/Planta.

HP: 110
Atk: 120
Def: 100
Sp.Atk: 80
Sp.Def: 95
Speed: 100

Gained moves:
Aura Sphere
Dynamic Punch
Focus Blast
Focus Punch
Forest's Curse
Hammer Arm
Sky Uppercut
Storm Throw
Stun Spore
Worry Seed

Same ability

Patuliseed is like a planted seed, though it doesn't look like one. It evolves to Plantada, which is the starting plant that grows from the seed. It evolves to Tuliplantada, which is the tulip that grows completely from the seed.
The plant hands and plant heads open up beautifully and then shoot out the Solor Beam (which isn't very useful until the final stage of the Pokemon).

So.. I hope you liked these Pokemon, I'm a bad drawer.. but you should at least be able to see how it's supposed to look... o3o

answered Apr 15, 2014 by Sweet Seraphimon
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That isa terrible drawing.
I know it is! I GET IT! Sheesh.. :P I'm a terrible drawer. give me a pen and I'll draw you a damn good looking stick.
What did you do to my eyes? -3- now I must use ching chong selfie