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Where is everyone from?

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What timezone do you live in? Since there are people from different places in the world on this site, I was wondering what time I would have to get on in order to possibly meet you in the chat!

asked Apr 23, 2011 by 14mal02
retagged Sep 5, 2012
If you find out then go to here to find out what time it is http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1080/time-in-different-countries-question

2 Answers

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Well, if you know what time what country has a what time you have, you might be able to work it out. To find out where people live, go to the Users page and click on the person you want to know. Not everyone fills this in, and I didnt myself (not a great idea, enyone in the WORLD can see it.)

answered Apr 23, 2011 by ƒιzz
Were can you do this ??
Haven't bothered with my time zone XD, but you can fill in your location with 'My Account' below the site toolbar.
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People are on chat at all different times of the day so knowing their timezone doesn't really help...

answered Apr 23, 2011 by Pokemaster