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In light of the recent situation...

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I notice lots of we're starting to crack down on multiple accounts here. Perhaps have it show on your profile the top five people you gave up votes to. If the number is highly in the favor of one person, it would be easier to tell should that person be a suspect.

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I would actually be interested in this for other reasons. Sort of a "Which users do you think are best" kind of thing. And we could have it for the top five users we've given down vottes to. That'd be pretty cool I think.
It's kind of rude to do a top five down votes, though.   It's like saying "I've found you to be the worst on the site."  I mean, don't we diplay people with negative points as '0 points' for a reason? I think that it would just offend people if we display top downvoted.  However, I do recignize that it would help to see if someone's downvoting another for the sake of competition rather than their answer quality.

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Well if I did that it would not be publicly visible for the reasons Fritjof mentioned. We don't want people falling out over downvotes.

But it's not a bad idea for me to add to keep tabs on people ;)

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Yeah, just make it so only you and the person can see it! Or at least the down votes. Up votes everybody should be able to see.