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The Question Standard on PokeBase is Becoming Ridiculous.

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On Flare's post about the PokeBase getting worse, I realized something. I posted the following paragraph about it:

This post in short

  • Questions are too easy to answer; low standard
  • Stupid questions all around the site
  • Giving BA without even knowing if the answers are correct.

The question standard is becoming ridiculous. Things any brain dead dog can look up are being asked on PokeBase because some people are too lazy to look it up for themselves. Many questions are becoming repeats. You can literally answer a question in five seconds nowadays. I have seen major point increases in the newer users and this is because they can answer a question so easily that it's stupid.

In five seconds any user can answer any question, usually without even having to think. It's frustrating when someone asks Where can I find a wild Emolga? or Did Arceus create the Pokemon Planet? and many other stupid questions we can answer in a day. I could rant on and on with even more examples of stupid questions like What level does Dragonair evolve? but I think these are enough.

People are giving BA to the first person who answers their questions, when it's not even certain 75% of the time that the answer is correct. I bet half the time someone asks a question they don't even need an answer, they're just asking for the hell of it. One person asked Is Manectric a Legendary? I won't say who, but that is the most idiotic question ever. It evolves and can be bred! Use your brains.

asked Jan 1, 2013 by Victini Victory
umm... Ayan, that's why we have Mods/Editors... to hide that crap...
But they don't. They let it stay, and no one flags it because they want up-vote or BA points.
The word becoming implies that this is a new thing. You're fighting a war that's been fought a thousand times by going at this.
Ayan, not that I disagree with this, but to answer your part here: 'People are giving BA to the first person who answers their questions, when it's not even certain 75% of the time that the answer is correct. '
There was actually a suggestion ( http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/23767/suggestion-baing-avilable-after-certain-amount-after-question ) that should help a lot there.
Yeah, I am the king of sorting drama on this site out :P
But yeah, I actually agree with this.
BTW, the link Poke/ posted is mine as well! Yayz :p
No but out of all seriousness, this is becoming a problem. +1.

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Things any brain dead dog can look up are being asked on PokeBase because some people are too lazy to look it up for themselves.

As trachy said, this is what flagging is for. Duplicates should be flagged and not answered. I didn't really get a lot of time over the holidays to work on this site but I am adding a feature to hopefully help with this.

Also experts/editors should be helping with this stuff by editing questions or answers that need to be phrased better.

People are giving BA to the first person who answers their questions

I'm gonna add something to combat this, too.

I did add the moderation thing which was intended for spam/advertising accounts, but it does have the side benefit of letting Mods reject posts that are clearly dupes/off-topic.

answered Jan 1, 2013 by Pokemaster
selected Jan 2, 2013 by Victini Victory
usually i ask because i don't know where to look it up
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The problem is that the people of the site don't do their part and flag things. Moderators are not omnipotent beings (close, but not quite there). If a question doesn't need approval it is going to sneak through. And we likely then won't be able to see it. Considering the number of questions we get, along with the fact that we have lives+we need to maintain the chat and other sections of the site, we probably won't see it. Unless it has been flagged, in which case it will show up in the Admin section.

Although I don't think it matters. Why should we care if people can look it up on another site when they can ask it here and we can answer? So new users gain points. OH NO! We're all going to die in a hellish fire since this user is now at 80 points.

And usually it isn't the case that a new user answers a question and gets the points. Usually it is a veteran user, such as Fizzcube or Kyron. Or a prominent one of Mew, where pretty much no other user could answer a question until I made a deal with him. And people were glad to give such answers three upvotes before. New users barely get one when they answer a question.

Finally, we accept some of the simple questions of new users in the hope that they grow and become more knowledgable. If they use this site in order to answer all their questions, so much the better, as they are then less likely to leave us for a different site. It's all about letting them join our community.


answered Jan 1, 2013 by trachy
edited Jan 1, 2013 by trachy
lol, love the use of the link :P
I looked at this twice and didn't feel like making this post myself. Thanks for taking the wheel on this one.
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Well, im going to answer this with the knowledge i have accumulated.

Questions are too easy to answer; low standard

While this, being true at some times, is not the case all the time. Also, apart from being against the Rules (see Avoid trivial questions), you can always flag the Q and claim to a Mod that there is a problem. If they don't act they way they should, and go hide the Q, due to being very easy material to look up, then we have a problem.

Stupid questions all around the site

Yes, that is true. But notice one thing: this is the internet. Just because most of the people here that you know follow the rules, this site will attract trolls, due to the fact that it is popular and well, again, this is the internet. Simple solution, Flag it and get others to see your point of why it should be hidden, OR, downvote the hell out of that baby.

Giving BA without even knowing if the answers are correct.

Well, there is some contradiction there. If you are asking a Q, you obviously DON'T know the answer. But i see what you are trying to get at. Again, i will refer to the Rules (see Do not mass-copy other pages directly). Just because you have a source, doesn't mean you are always right. Also, it is not required. However, when you do notice that an Answer is incorrect, answer it yourself or talk to a Moderator and explain to them the situation. Also, if i remembered correctly, Mods can change BA's, therefore, letting you, or another person that answered get a shot for that BA.

Hopefully, this site will be around for a very long time, but if that is to be the case, you gotta remember that just because we may be civilized, it doesn't mean that we won't attract trolls or people who know very little to nothing about pokemon...

Remember your options:

  • Flagging
  • Downvoting
  • Access to talk to Mods (Mostly Trachy, as I have seen he is the only one on when you get on)
answered Jan 1, 2013 by Lusty
Also, leave a comment when you flag so other people can see why, and they will start to flag, to.