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See PM? Mew is aboosive ;-;

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Mew injustly kicked me off the chat without warning. The aboose has to stahp. Mew has already been reported for his actions and needs to be disciplined.

Stand ^ 2 Mew

asked Apr 2, 2013 by Lusty

1 Answer

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Leboss 8 minutes ago I thought i was leaving... BANNED, you wittle
liar :(

Well, I wanted to fulfll your wishes, so here we are...

answered Apr 2, 2013 by Mewderator
As XXXYOLO69XXX once said... Where there is too much corruption, there is no corruption...

This means i cant be corrupt, because you are corrupt, thus meaning our corruptions cancel out.

ahaha..... -_-'  Mew is well known all over db so..... I don't know why'd he'd do that.
"Well, I wanted to fulfll your wishes, so here we are..."

Does that sound like an excuse for rape to anyone else?
Of course Ben... Of course.