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Can we ask questions about downloading and anime?

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That is can I ask about how to download pokemon films and episodes and from which website? If yes then in which part of the website Pokebase right and If we have doubt about any episode or something .

asked Apr 17, 2013 by abhe
edited Apr 20, 2013 by abhe
well...about downloading..i don't know. But you can ask questions about the Anime. But keep in mind that we focus on mostly the games.

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As long as you're asking how to download LEGALLY, then yes. It would go on Pokebase.

Any questions about the anime itself are fine on Pokebase too.

answered Apr 20, 2013 by Pokemaster
selected Apr 21, 2013 by abhe
So pokemaster what do you mean by "LEAGLLY" download them ?