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Points and Ranks of PokemonDB

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Hiya! So let me guess, you want to be an Expert. You probably have asked a load of questions like everyone else, and it really clogs our beauty called the Meta. Anyways, I'm Ninja, and I am going to run through all of this stuff.


First of all, what are points? Points are the system of reputation, basically. Earn a lot and you earn some respect. Points can reflect what your attitude is, so be wary. Think of Mew(Often known as Thy Mewderator, because he is pretty darn awesome), has about 55000 points right now, and is a top user. People respect him a ton! However, we have our downers too. One user, known as Mr. Shadow, has zero points. He would spam the crap out of everyone and be mean. Ouch, right? Meh, he got banned. No biggie.

Different Points, different Sections

  • Pokebase: This is our primary section of the community. You will be working hardest here when you start. Later on, you might find yourself focusing on the Battle Subway or the Meta. Anyways, you can ask and answer questions. Not much, right? Well, points let you do new stuff! I recommend you start with questions, unless you are Mew. Then answer. As a new user, you need to gain just a little credibility before you answer, otherwise our experienced users will find any tiny mistake and pounce on you for it. Sorry, but that is just the way it works.

  • Meta: My first note: Pokemaster has the final word. This is a benevolent dictatorship, don't argue with him here. Here you gain most of your points through suggestions. If someone likes your suggestion, they will upvote it! Points are all opinionated.

  • Battle Subway: Presentation! In the Battle Subway, you simply post teams and ask for suggestions. You get points here by being a good competitive battler. Your team presentation also matters. Compare Team 1 and Team 2. Can you see why one has more votes than the other?

The System of Points

Asking / Answering questions gives you 0 points. This is just a general thing, back in the day you got two. We removed that because the quality of posts was lowering, so keep in mind that spamming useless questions and / or answers is pointless(I'm so punny(Sorry those are so lame xD)), so don't do it. We as a community look down upon it. You will likely get down voted, flagged, and have your post hidden. Repeated use is a ban. To see how to write good posts that will likely get upvoted, read DT's article here.

Selecting best answer gives you 2 points. This is just a general reward for rewarding others. Pokemaster highly encourages you to select these. However, take note. On the Meta, just wait for Pokemaster to answer a suggestion / bug notice before selecting an answer. Arceus beats Sunflora, right?

Getting best answer gives you 20 points. Be happy for this. It shows that a user really liked your answer, you had a good one. 20 big ones! That is a lot!(Unless you are Mew)

Getting up-voted gives you 10 points. You may not have a better answer, but the asker, anyone actually, can up-vote your answer to say it was good.

Getting down-voted makes you lose 10 points. Uh-oh. Down-votes are given for the reason of a post having an incorrect answer or bad suggestion.. However, most of the time, you get one of these if you cannot see that we have the nifty comment button.

Down-voting makes you lose 2 points. This is just to discourage the act of spam down-voting. Don't be mean, but down-vote when necessary. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT REFRAIN FROM DOWNVOTING FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING YOUR POINTS. Be real. You aren't helping anyone by doing so. Note: You need points to down-vote.

This applies to all 3 sections of Pokebase. These point values are subject to change as Pokemaster sees fit. They've changed in the past, and certainly can change again.

Ranks & Privileges

These are what points are for!(other than rep)


You need some experience before you go click-happy. I'll just get straight into it!

Pokebase / Meta / Battle Subway :
40 / 30 / 30 points to vote up and flag: This is so that you cannot create a duplicate and spam votes without the mods catching you quickly. Because posting lets us catch on, pretty much instantly.

100 / 60 / 60 points to vote down. This is so you can't create a duplicate and spam the heck out of the DVs to users you hate.

500 / 0 / 0 to create new tags. Tags without meaning (this-tag-is-so-pointless-lol-i-am-a-troll)are generally annoying. Even our top users use them from time to time, please do not learn from that.

6000 / 2000 / 1000 to be able to edit things. This is a basic way for you to get Expert if our mods aren't available for the next few hours.

25 to post without moderation on Pokebase. This is to prevent posts by users who didn't read the rules, didn't care to read the rules(typically these get banned for some reason), or people who just blantantly ignored them(Ban likely.)

200 to post on old questions without moderation on Pokebase. This is to stop users from necro-posting. Simple.

Editors (hand-picked) can hide, reshow, approve and reject posts. Moderators can do that and ban / ip check.

You must be registered and have your email confirmed to post in chat. Points give you no abilities in chat, directly. However, Moderators, and Editors who are around 10000-20000 on Pokebase may kick users for ten minutes for issues on chat. (Watch out for them on the sections + duplicates too, they have eyes like hawks.)


  • Expert: These guys are the smart ones. You earn this title by reaching a grand total of 6000 points on Pokebase. It means you can edit posts anywhere! Not much, but you do get to fix grammar and convert answers to comments!

  • Editor: This is where things get fun. You typically need about 10000 points to get considered for this, and Pokemaster picks them himself. They can do everything an Expert can. They can hide posts from the public and reshow them. They can clear flags from posts. They can also approve posts, and reject them. When you are new, your stuff needs to be approved. Don't feel bad if it was rejected! We just saved you from downvotes ;). But if you insist on knowing why, check here.

  • Moderator: Oh boy! These are Pokemaster's right hand people. They do everything Editors do plus more stuff. They can check IP addresses. Don't even think of a duplicate. They can Ban and IP Ban anyone. They can select best answer for any question. They can kick users off of chat for being annoying (10 minutes.)


"Wtf, why has my post not shown up? I call hax!"

All of the new users need to learn the ropes through the system of Moderation. When you have barely any points and try to post, it first gets sent to the Admin page. Only Moderators and Editors can view this page. Your question or answer is then reviewed to see if it is quality, and not something like "What level does Keldeo evolve at". If it is ok, then it is approved! Yay! If it is bad, it is rejected and forever forgotten. Aww...

Whew! That was a lot to take in, wasn't it? Anyways, I threw this together to help you guys out. If any of the mods(And I mean only mods.) wan to add, please do.

asked May 1, 2013 by Ninja
edited May 2 by MrKijani
This is terrible. -1. JK. This s seriously good stuff +1
So many "Unless you are Mew"s. LOL
Beautiful stuff Ninja :D I just keep reading it over and over again XD
sweet Ninja, some new articles on how to behave xD keep it up! Tho you might want to add that having points is cool, but not to get obsessed or upset about being downvoted or not having sd much points has other people. Points have caused trouble in the past.
Wow, just Wow. beautifully written Ninja
could it be less points to be an editor? 6000 is alot..........
I think you mean Expert.

Sorry but 6000 is almost nothing. Look at people like Fondant who got there in barely 2 months. Just work hard at it. It was once 10,000 lol. Its just a case of working hard on the Pokebase, though don't get worked up over it as it is honestly nothing special. You have almost no authority and barely find yourself editing things. What you need is respect. Respect isn't really earned through Expert if you just spammed 9999 answers to get there. I would much rather have respect than a status as small as Expert.
well at least you all can go on the computers more then 2 hours. unlike me. whatever. its just going to take me a loooooong time to get that many freakin points.

BTW what i meant was 6000 points is alot of points just to be able to edite other peoples stuff. perhaps you should lower it because there are Other people who can edit just fine but just can't scrape together the points.

I dont want to get deap into an arguement. neither do i want to get a warning. just something i noticed
EM, you've only been here for 4 months. You can't expect to get Expert in that time, unless like Flare! & fondant, you have a lot of respect, and time to use on the site. I honestly don't want to have people editing any post they want when they haven't reached 6000, because they haven't really proven they can use their powers correctly. Any lower than 6000, Expert will be too easy to get. And honestly, there are enough Experts. We don't need any more.

Listen to Blob. He is exactly right; respect is superior to points. If I had my way, Experts would be handpicked by Mods and 6000 wouldn't give you editing powers any more. That way, points are not as badly required and respect and activity are what gives you those powers.
Well now I'm wondering how much respect on the site I have...

Next to the beautiful speeches of Blobby and Fizzy, all I can say is,
Expert is for those who deserve it like Ben and Fondant, same with Editor and Mod. And Imo that isn't very many people. Also points won't get you anywhere in life. I'd rather be liked as a user then hated as an Expert who answered with loads of questions to get there. That's about it.
Oh hey, you edited the edit history! Looks really nice.
What do you mean by downvoting for the sake of keeping points?  Doesn't it make you lose points?
He used a double negative so the Do not not downvote basically meets don't refrain from downvoting just for the sake of keeping a couple of points.

I'll fix it.
Thanks, MrKijani!  Big help!  (Now I feel dumb…lol)

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Great work! It's good to have all this in one place.
I don't really have any more to say so I'm just answering for the sake of answering :D

answered May 2, 2013 by Pokemaster
selected May 2, 2013 by Ninja