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Should we have questions for Middle evolved pokemon?

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For this, I mean pokemon like Togetic, Rhydon, Porygon-2, Dusclops, etc. They can all see more use now since the Evolite has now come into the equation, but should we have questions just for their movesets? I don't really see much of a point, considering that you'd use pretty much the same moves you would with the evolved pokemon. If there are updates for Gen V, then we can just post them on that fully evolved pokemon's set. This is merely my opinion though. If there's a set that can only effectively be used on the unevolved pokemon, then we could make note of that on the moveset.

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I'm working through MC Pokemon that actually have use. We should do only those Pokemon.
Like Magneton? The first set up there is almost exactly the same as the magnezone set we have. Even the set you suggested would still be effective on Magnezone. I don't see much point in making separate questions for them when their evolved counterparts can utilize the exact same set.

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I see what you mean. There are a few exceptions because sometimes the stats switch around a bit like with Scyther.

But in a lot cases then you are right, the movesets aren't going to be any different. Magnezone is a special tank, and so is Magneton with Eviolite. So the movesets would basically be identical.

We should edit the original question to say it works with the lower pokemon and Eviolite.

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I think moveset questions for middle evolution Pokemon should be fine, as long as they actually have a notable difference in stats, like the Scyther and Scizor example.