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Wifi battle finder

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Lately, rather than go on showdown to play pokemon, I've been using Smogon's wifi battle finder. I would use the database, but there are no "Threads" or PM systems built into chat, making it difficult to find someone ready to battle at your convenience.

What Smogon Wifi-Battle finder does:

-Enters all who wish to battle wifi on a handy-dandy list

-Entrees have a specified tier, generation, and whether or not they use legal hacks (Pkmn off Pokegts/Pokegen, or Poke.Edit/Pokesav)

-Then, the entrees can be challenged by anyone watching the list.

The battle finder also features things like a list of the last 10 completed battles, (battles end when players exit chat), the ongoing games, and what tier each take place in. This is convenient for players waiting for a battle to see if a new opponent may be ready soon.

Now, this is just an idea, and I understand if it may not work because the Pokebase doesn't appear to have as many wifi battlers as PO/Showdown users, but I think this feature could make the database more attractive for wifi battlers.

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When the forum is complete there will be a Wifi section where people can look for trades/battles. It might not work exactly the same way but I'm sure something similar will be created for that purpose. Until then, chat is a decent place to look for wifi battles.

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Cool, thanks!