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Suggestion:where to find tm's

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Like you want to find solarbeam,the tm in say...Black 2 and you dont know where it is...If this was added then It would be very helpful,on the move descriptions It says if there is a Tm for the move,Right next to that is where I would put the tm location.Thanks in advance, Pokemaster!

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In the case of BW2, there is actually a TM list:
It is quite hard to find since it isn't found under any of the main tabs though.

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so it's basically already there,silly me
What do you mean "it isn't found under any of the main tabs". You just go to "Black & White 2" in the menu and click the TM link on that page.
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An item dex is coming soon. I can assume a TM/HM information would be included. Especially when so many other sites have all the info already. For now try using Serbii. The item dex is coming out in the next few months if I recall.

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