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Can we do awards?

4 votes

ok, before i start off, have any of you seen the grammys awards or emmys awards or the oscars awards?
well, im bringing it in and introducing to the database.
i was thinking we could make awards like friendliest user and most helpful user here.
so, would it be ok to do this, pm?

asked Jun 21, 2013 by some random guy
edited Jun 21, 2013 by Pokemaster
I like the idea of most helpful award!

You could use some of these as awards.
No don't bring anything to do with Smogon here. Smogon is bad.
Example A: JirachiCelebiMew
OK. I just provided that link for some good examples.

1 Answer

3 votes

This was already suggested and we started on it but never finished. At some point I will add polls to people could vote on stuff like this.

answered Jun 21, 2013 by Pokemaster
I imagine he just got back from the party which I was hosting o3o
Partay? Wehere? :D
it's over now but you're welcome to come over and help clean up the bottles :D
Wait, if Sciz is from England then he was on the site at 4am... anyway according to the time the answer was actually posted at 01:15:32.
And you left the party at around 12:50 pm so that sound pretty accurate.