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Suggestion: Make it so you don't have to get E-mailed when someone posts on your wall

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I seriously don't want to get emailed if I were to have someone post on my wall... I really would like it if I didn't get emailed. Also some users might feel the same way...
Reason: There are users who would only be able to see it if they were online, and they would only be allowed to reply back if they were to be on their account... I think there are more benefits, so please make it so users don't get forced to be emailed.

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+1 ALL THE WAY. :')
I dislike inboxes that are full with stuff I already know. +1
And it would pretty awful for Pokemaster as well, since he gets all the complaints through the emails, and he's the creator of the site. COME TO US POKAYMASTA. :'3

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As noted here, I've turned off emails for wall posts.

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