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Tournaments and Server are on the same line in useful posts.

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-The Enter button tempts Pokemaster with a seductive dance.
-Pokemaster attempts to press on it in an equally seductive manner. (A 4+ roll is needed for success.)
-(Pokemaster rolls a 1.)
-Pokemaster misses the Enter key and hits the Backspace key, deleting the site.

From Flare:
Because Flare is a noob, he has been very considerate and has made this to show confused people, that said, people shouldn't really be confused, unless you really don't understand...

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Ugh... wut? -~-'
I totaly agree. o3o?
Not for me they aren't.
sooooooo something failed?
Btw, the top part is just demented :D
OHHHHH that's where this comes from. Gotcha now.
Le expertly drawn arrow on Flare's link o3o
^ (filler)

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OK fixed, thanks.

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