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Your answer will be checked and approved shortly?!

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I was on RMT just now, and accidentally hid my answer. I unhid it, then edited to make the answer better. And got this message when I clicked "Save changes": http://i.imgur.com/9YJEwrD.png I have over 100 RMT points, Expert status, and I've never gotten that before. What the heck?

asked Aug 11, 2013 by Poke'slash
knightofdragon said anything you hide then reshow has to be approved by a Mod, but I've done that on Pokebase before..
I'm not sure exactly how this works, because I rarely check the Admin page on Meta and RMT, as there's rarely anything there, but I have noticed that some users who had loads of points and such where having stuff they had edited needing approved. This isn't a glitch, it's intentional, but I don't know how it works exactly.
Actually it is a glitch, I haven't got around to fixing it yet.

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Hiding then reshowing a comment / answer on any site section then further editing means it needs approving

I guess it's to make sure that it's "appropriate" after it was hidden and all.

answered Aug 11, 2013 by Sciz
selected Aug 11, 2013 by Poke'slash