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If you swear in your wall posts or comments will you get banned?

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Im just curious its not like I do swear in my comments and posts. Although I do sometimes abbreviate them, just to joke around.

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2 Answers

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If its excessive then yes in general you'll be yelled at to remove it and given a warning.

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"Yelled at" lol :3
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"Swearing" is generally fine, but overusing the two majors isn't really ok. Think I it as common courtesy in your peaceful village, if you drink abusively the mods will hang you.

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Then as they say in Ireland: "Le'us drink 'til the alcohol poisons our liver and kills us."
... just, "..."
Thats actually a saying?
No. It's not, its a stereotype >=/
To add to this, the words Pokemaster has censored in other parts of the site should not be used. These are bi***, bas****, s***, f***, ni****, and c***. Using these will lead us to warn you to remove them and failure to remove them will lead to a ban. Using these words to verbally attack someone will lead to an automatic ban.