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What does it take to become a moderater or expert?

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I really have been wondering.

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Be a good user, be here for a while (usually a year) or more for a moderator. Also it's hand chosen.
For Expert, you need to reach 6,000 points on the PokeBase, and 1000 for Meta and RMT I think.

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thank you
Okay, new question. If you reach 1000 on Meat/RMT do you get Expert?
haha good luck reaching 1000. Also I believe its 2000 not 1000 :P Even then that's only editing for meta (I think)
BS is probably easiest as that requires 800 to edit. I was able to edit on the BS and Meta many weeks before I got expert.
I achieved expert on Pokebase and I STILL don't have that many points on BS and Meta. Because I suck at rates and suggestions. :P
Same here, Slashy :3
Actually I'm currently 40 points from being able to edit on the Meta.
But then I'm an Expert already so it doesn't matter xD.
Hiding was an accident. Why does it say " Your comment will be checked and approved shortly."?
It just does that on Meta and BS.