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Chat glitch on my Kindle?

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I posted "hi" in chat, and it brought me to a page that said that I had posted something.

Please help.

asked Sep 17, 2013 by N the Champion
retagged Sep 17, 2013
Can u screenshot? I don't get it
i cant im on my kindle
You can get the screenshot app from the app store but I don't find much use of it :D

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I have a Kindle as well.
Yeah this happened to me too. Basically I found that if the Kindle Keyboard is lagging and you post something and lags, then you aren't technically on the brower, so just go to Home and come back on, then it works. It's not as complicated as it sounds :D Hih :)

answered Sep 17, 2013 by Flare
selected Sep 17, 2013 by N the Champion