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I asked for an EV set for Sunkern and it wasnt accepted even though there is none on this site.

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Asked for a EV set twice, there isn't one on this site but was still declined anyways. why?

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Why? Because we already have a page for Sunflora which has spreads which will apply to Sunkern. It may have also seemed like a trol post. I mean who asked for an ev spread for sunkern. That and you could not possibly be using a Sunkern competitively so there is no need for an ev spread.

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I want one just for sunkern, he has an even skill set so its difficult to decide which ev's will benefit his moveset the best. Since he's my favorite pokemon I wasn't going to evolve him so Sunfloras page doesn't help at all since its skillset is completely different. im not trolling :l
Yeah, Bwab. Take Expert from Jar Jar! He suxaphones!