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"Hex's Haunted House" | Seasonal Tournament | R3: Nov. 23rd-Nov.30th!

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Hex's Haunted House- Round 3 Start!

enter image description here

About this Tournament

"Hex's Haunted House" is a Seasonal Double Elimnation Tournament themed after Halloween that will be run annually during Fall Season [October] (depending on it's popularity). Based on Pokemon Emerald's Version's Battle Pike attraction at the Gen. III Battle Frontier, this Tournament aims to set itself aside from standard, boring old Tournaments in increasing the Challenge through a series of unfortunate events, which are defined as "Cursed Conditions" that will be Randomly assigned to a player through a RNG system. However, you can also receive "Special Condition Tokens" that can also be earned through the RNG system as well. They can be be redeemed to trigger their own, beneficial conditions at any time. It is to be played in the current 5th Gen. OU Tier. Failure to follow the Rules will trigger the Arceus-Ghost Condition (resulting in a DQ, so be sure to ask questions about how to follow them before your Battle begins.

All Battles are to be Posted in the DB League / Tournament Post in the RMT Section.



Welcome, brave souls, to my mansion. My friends and I have long awaited guest. As you may know, each October, I invite maybe 16 or 20 lucky persons to my... famed... house. I apologize in advance for my... friends. They don't take kindly to just anyone in the mansion; they have the tendency to test . But that shouldn't be a problem, I've already discussed the situation over with them. But where are my manners? Don't be scared. There is nothing to worry about. After all, we're going to have one heck of a time. Heh heh heh....


Hex's Butler

Good evening. Welcome to Master Hex's house. As you may know, Hex and I are not your only company. Between you and I, your going to have one heck of a time. Our little friends around here tend to test, but their just doing there job. They want to make sure that they have only those who are Pokemon-friendly under the roof.
You and 15 to 19 other (16-20) others are invited to Hex's Haunted House, and will be forced to battle each other in the 5th Gen. OU Tier by Hex's mischievous Ghost-type Pokemon. who have locked and barred the windows to make sure no one runs from their little game. This is a Halloween Themed Tournament, and is also a dedication to our previous Champion, Hex.

  • The Tournament will be using Smogon's Tiers.

  • The Tournament will follow Smogon's Rules.

  • Each participant will follow the above conditions.

    • Failure to follow these conditions will lead to a DQ.

    • Each battle will be monitored to enforce these conditions.

  • The Conditions below are applied AFTER a Match.

    • Conditions where off after one Battle.

    • Double Elimination Tournament

    • **All Battles must be Posted in the Tournament Replays.

"Cursed Conditions"- How they work

Cursed Conditions, or just "Conditions", are the Ghost Typed Themed Effects that will be randomly assigned to each player after each Battle. Using a RNG by the Host, Moderators, or Editors not participating in the Tournament, a number will be chosen that defines which Condition will be triggered. You will be notified of this on your Wall, so be sure to check them. Be sure to check your Team so that it follows the condition; failures to follow a condition will result in a DQ.

"Special Conditions"- How they work

"Special Conditions" are beneficial effects that can be activated through player decision. Each round, 2-3 randomly chosen Players will be awarded "Special Condition Tokens" (SCT's) through an additional RNG Roll. They can be redeemed in any Round bar the Finals, and will expire at the end of the selected Round. Who receives and uses the SCT's will be recorded by the Host (Vast White Warrior A.K.A. Enoch), but it is the Players prerogative to either hide or reveal to other Players.

How to apply Cursed and Special Conditions- Example

As stated above, the Host will assign each of you a CC through an RNG App and even fewer of you for SC's. Beginning after Round 1, you all will be "Cursed" by Hex's little companions, however before then you will have about a day to modify your team. Below will be an example of how to know which one (or two) you've been hit with:

  1. You will be a given a Set of numbers after each Round, each indicating a Condition and its effect. The first number will indicate which Cursed/Special Condition you've been hit with, the second number, 1-6, telling you which Pokemon to apply it to in the order that it appears in Battle. Some Conditions have third numbers that determine additional factors, such as Gengar's Hex CC, where the #1 is equal to Flame Orb, #2 to Toxic Orb, or #3 for Lagging Tail. Below will be an example of how to apply these Cursed and/or Special Conditions:

Pokenub receives a notice from the host about what his next CC will be. He finds out that he in fact has been chosen for a SC as well. For his CC, he is given #'s 5-3-2.

  1. 5 = Cursed Condition #5, Gengar's Hex, which means that one of his Party members has to change their item to either a Flame Orb, Lagging Tail, or Toxic Orb.

  2. 3 = The third part memeber on his Team. His Team goes Glameow / Weedle / Garchomp and etc., and so Garchomp, as the third member to show up in Battle during Team Preview, has to change from a *Choice Band * <-> one of the 3 items. But which one?

  3. 2 = Flame Orb, so now Pokenub much go into the Teambuilder and change his Garchomp's held Item from a Choice Band into a Flame Orb. Tough luck kid.

For his second Set of #'s, they he gets 2.

  1. 2 indicates that he received SC #2, Umbreon's Synchronize Token. So now you can screw somebody else over!

  2. Since his SC allows him to target his opponent as well, he should then message a Host to send his CC #'s to any player of his choice.

  3. He chooses Lenub. Lenub then receives the additional CC, 5-3-2, so the third member of his party is also Flame Orbed. So his Heatran loses Leftovers, since it was the third Pokmeon to show up in Team Preview :)

Failure to Follow the above Rules and/or Conditions will result in Judgement


The Guardian of the household. Dr. Seuss never lies. He also speaks in funny rhymes! I'll let you in on a little secret though: he sees everything.
Judgement- Occurs when a player rejects the rules or is caught cheating. Disqualification. Enough said.


Round 3, commence!

asked Oct 7, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
edited Nov 26, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
According to the dates and the likelyness that this is tonna run in Dr a while, it its gonna run into XY. Tbh I think we should wait until, or were gonna have to sort everything out then chanhe our teans ir our themes etc; or just use Gen 5 pokemon which could be a little annoying tbh.
The simulators will not be updated to Gen. VI until a month or two after the games are released; they need time to fully discover and integrate all the new mechanics, Pokemon, and sprites. I don't think this Tournament will last as long as a month and a half.

That aside, I'd really hate to reschedule this Tournament; I suggested this October of last year, and we all agreed that it would be started today.
Fair enough I guess. Kk, lets get these sexy Ghost types going!!
This one will start a little after Sign-Uos to give Darwin's Theory time to make it to it's Semi-Finals, then we'll go. However we must start before Oct. 21st.
Two suggestions.

Enoch, to work cleanly we need a power of two for sign ups. We want this to run long since it is awesome, so I suggest double elimination, or "Torment of the Lost Souls".

How it works:

R2 / Losers of R1
R3 / Losers of R2 + Winners of losers of R1
R4 / Winners of losers of R2 + Winners of winners of losers of R1
R5: R4 Winner and loser on break / Other 4 go to 2
R6:  ' ' / Other two go to one
R7: R4 winner gets a bye / Loser of R4 and winner of the current LS division battle
Final Round: R4 winner and LS division winner battle in best two of three.

I used this concept in one of our first tournaments, it was quite nice. Inactive people will just have to be shamed. If anyone is inactive on R1 then they get replaced. Not only does this extend it, but it lets the special clauses continue their effects.

Everyone else: Please, be creative with your teams! Standard saks :P
That sounds completely fine, especially considering the difficulty of this Tournament due to random factors.

Also, if anyone has any additional ideas concerning more CC's, please feel free to share them- as long as they are able to be applied in/through the Teambuilder.
Everybody use Scizor, Ferrothorn, Politoed, Dragonite, Latios, Heatran
Can i join this even tho i'm in another tourney?
Yes, of course- we're only in the Sign Ups
Is this x and y?
Read the "About this Tournament"/"Rules" Section (we know you didn't) LOL!
We can all thank Ninja for the Updated Rules.
Man! I was way too late! I'd probably have been creamed anyway...

- The Tournament is now Double Elimnation

- New CC's and SPC's were added- Pet Tokens have be Renamed SPC's, and will be awarded to only 3 people in a separate RNG Roll

Also, Dr. Flame can't read Rules. :)
R1 Start!

Click either the Title at the Top of the Question or below at "ROUND _ @ CHALLONGE" to see Match Ups.

Oh, and good luck! I hope you have one heck of a time!
vs tazzie.. hmm. Well, I can't battle right now. We'll see when I can.
I'm not really feeling this tournament, so I'm letting razing take my place.
Razing is already in replacing Ninja...
The fact that both had hidden posts led to confusion.

I asked Razing to Reshow his Answer, so if one of you Mods can do it...

Also, may I ask the real reason your dropping out? I would love to see you be the target of so many Players muhahahaha
The real reason is indeed that I just wasn't feeling the tournament. Just wasn't really having much fun during the team-building process, so I decided that the tournament just wasn't for me. I would've dropped out before the tournament match ups were posted, sorry for causing some problems. Thankfully my spot has been taken, so no real harm done.
Ok, so since this isn't anywhere on here, im gonna ask for clarification...
 •Must the same team be used every round?
•Must the same sets, EVs, IVs (Unless condition), and items be used? (eg me going from scarf Terrakion to Band Terrakion)
I don't see a problem with that as long as you do it before you receive your next condition- don't want people switching their Lando-T for Gliscor when they get hit hy Gengar.

So I'll give you guys some time in between Rounds to change your Teams.

Good question Leboss, and thank you for asking.
Leboss you won against Valet in R1?

Guys I didn't think that I needed to say this, but this is just like ajy other Tournament, so please report your Victory/Loss here in the Commenta section. The only difference here is that you must post a Replay as well, either in your Comment or in the Tourney Replays Question; the Replay Q. is prefered.

Also, this is a Double Elimination Tournament, so if you lose R1 you can still continue to play with others in similar situations- refer to Challonge for a physical representation of what I'm talking about.
Losses are usually edited in.
So I see I'm not in the Challonge Seed, but trachy doesn't have an answer posted. So am I playing Fineifold?
Yeah, you face Finefold.
I won against prof, the battle crashed a few times, but he's a good sport and let me do what otherwise would have taken one turn to do, thanks to that battle crashing Scizor (pokemon not person)
I thought I faced Fineifold.... He's not active though
Beat Pikamaster is an close and excellent match.
I can't find tazzie... lqwfj.qrhrljekhgiu2bvi1lbvl
tazzie is on like everyday. ._.
*throws up hands* We've been communicating on her wall, but I haven't spotted her in chat.
Do to the release of X and Y, I am going to honor you guys and move the due Date for R1 to the 20th, so you have a whole Week to complete your Battles. Good luck!
I watched them battle so I can testify that tazzie was the winner
I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Fixed now :)
Just curious as to why tazzie vs Slash and also tazzie vs Hotcakes?
I'll get some randomization going later.
I did it already, soeey forgot
beat KoD in an enormously haxy match
Pikamaster beat me, but I forgot to save the replay, and I think he did too.
That's okay, as long as you confirmed it.
Um Lenub was having problems so he said I could go on :o
Also pretty sure tazzie > KoD so that's another battle away
razing said he left. http://imgur.com/MP4gr91
So that means me jarjar and tazzie progress.
So now it should be R3 yes?
Erick did you even read what I said D=
I won, though barely.
it was really a hax play at the end xD
btw, MrKijani: make sure you mention the Terra failing to KO -1Donphan and the lost speed tie
I said I was using a sand stall, but I changed it to something else. Just establishing that just to be safe

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Meet my friends

Allow me to introduce to you your other host. They can be a bit annoying, but there just testing you. The truth is that there shy, and believe me, you won't even see the half of the time. (And I am not kidding about that one).

Gengar- Cursed Condition # 2

enter image description here

Meet Gangsta. He's a bit shy, so you won't notice him until... it's too late.
Hex- Occurs randomly. That Pokemon now holds a Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, or Lagging Tail Item.

  • 1 = Toxic Orb

  • 2 = Flame Orb

  • 3 = Lagging Tail

Misdrevious- Cursed Condition # 6

enter image description here

Meet Miss Drevious, one of the most adorable ghouls in town. Don't let her looks fool you, she is quite the mischievous one...

Screech- Causes the targeted Pokemon to be de-evolved.

Sableye- Cursed Condition # 5

enter image description here

My other friend, Itachi. He's a little slow to get to know, but it's certainly worth your time.

Torment- Occurs randomly. The targeted Pokemon are disabled from using one Move.

  1. The RNG will be rolled to choose a number between 1 through 4.

  2. Based on the number you receive, delete the corresponding Move from your Pokemon's Movepool in the Teambuilder

    • The Randomly chosen number corresponds with the order in which the Move appears on the Movepool from top to bottom.

An example is as follows:

If I receive #1 for my Salamence, then the Bolded Move should be Deleted

Salamence @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def
Naive Nature
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Flamethrower

Mismagius- Cursed Condition # 1

enter image description here

Madame Fantina, meet my guest. She's what one would call "short-tempered". Just don't get on her bad side.
Bewitch- Causes a randomly chosen Pokemon to have it's Level reduced by a certain amount depending on it's Tier. The Level decreases are as follows:

  • OU: 15 Levels
  • UU: 12 Levels
  • RU: 8 Levels
  • NU: 5 Levels

Chandelure- Cursed Condition # 3

enter image description here

Chandler, Charm, Candy, Calcifer, and Kane are all five of out Chandelures. They provide us with lighting and heating, so I can already tell that you'll be great friends with them all.

Soul Devour- Occurs randomly. Causes one Pokemon to be forced into Switching it's Ability.

  • If the Pokemon Randomly chosen by the RNG has only one Ability, it will bere-rolled until it lands on one that is.

Jellicent - Cursed Condition #4


Meet Jester, a playful fellow. He hides in our plumbing, so be careful in the restrooms. He is well known to possess.
Shadow Tag Occurs randomly. The targeted Pokemon's IV's are reset to 0.

Dusknoir- Special Condition # 7

enter image description here

Mr. Noir is a rather solitary individual that may be a rare meet since he enjoys spending his days taking strolls to... who knows where.

Otherworld- Causes the Pokemon performing a Sweep to be removed from the party for the next battle. This condition expires after the next battle has finished.

  • A Sweep in this Tournament is described as KO'ing 3 or more Pokemon consecutively

Meet my Pets

Among otherworldly company will be my Pets, Professor X and Magneto, who have some silly notion in their minds that they are the King and Queen of the Hex Manor. Their a bit more friendly then their peers, if you can catch a glimpse of them at all. They prefer solitude, and are so superfluous that they reveal themselves to only those they deem worthy

Umbreon- Special Condition # 2

enter image description here

Meet Magneto. His coat is groomed so finely every week that it blends in with the shadows. However, if he decides to reveal himself, his rings will glow.

Blessing of the Moon - Given out Randomly. The target will be asked a triva question about the DB or Pokemon Games/Anime. If True, the player then has the Ability "Synchronization", in which a condition that is applied to a character is applied to another player of their choice at the time of their choosing (So basically, you get to take down other people with you) :)

Espeon- Special Condition # 3

enter image description here

Meet prissy at it's finest. She can read your mind, so be sure to check your manners... Or you may find yourself one of her puppets.

Magic Mirror- Given out Randomly.. The target is given a token that can be used at any time. When used, a condition is reflected at another player of your choice. So you can purposely trigger a condition and screw someone else over.

Delphox- Condition # 1


Who could forget the legendary Delphi of ancient times? After falling from idolization, she has found her home here... She can sense ill intent, so keep your thoughts and heart clean, unless you may wake up to a nasty surprise...

Bad Omen: Occurs randomly. The selected player is given the Oracle Token, which can be redeemed any Round, lasting until the next, that allows them to inflict an additional Cursed Condition on whoever they target.

Take a Tour of the Hex Manor...

Besides our otherworldly company and mind-reading pets, the Hex Manor is also full of cursed- er, I meanpriceless-p items that can be found in no other Region. Here we have the Legendary Dark Blade Excalighost...

Honedge- Special Condition # 4

enter image description here

The Legendary Sword of King Arthur of Medieval England, before he eventually died. It is said to contain his soul, carrying on his fighting spirit to however it deems worthy. But that's silly, right? (Or is it)

Chivalry Shift: Given out Randomly. The recipient receives the Knight Sword, in which they can Challenge the player of their choosing. Both the user and the targeted player will swap Opponents. Expires after one use.

Sign Ups: From Oct. 7th - Oct. 14th

Do you have what it takes to survive Hex's Haunted House? Sign up now!

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
edited Oct 24, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
If a 0 is the last digit, does that mean the last digit is unneeded for determining what i do with my CC? Sorry, this is worded terribly :P
Since in basic Math the number "0" has no value, then it obviously means that it also has no value or purpose in this Tournament as well. It is only their for standardized formatting purposes, as some CC's have 3 Digits.

Does that simplify it any better? I can break it down further if your still confused.
Sorry guys, I suxaphones at Hosting :P

I forgot to Update the Rules, if the selected Pokemon can't Apply the given Condition, up the Number by 1- so basically, if you get Inflicted by Misdrevious but on Celebi, you would go to the next Pokemon. If NONE of your Pokemon Devolve, then please leave a Comment- another CC will be selected.

Thanks for patching that up guys!
gdi Enoch. *suxaphone ;-;
But way to earn Cake points.
Please tell me what is happening here! How do I enter! And I still don't get it! Sorry I am so not up to date.
4 votes

Way nice! I'm in :)

GhostyFX is my showdown name, on most of the day CET.

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Hex
:o :) :D
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 4-5-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Im in. I'll snaz it up later.

answered Oct 7, 2013 by ReadyAimFire
Well at least we're facing someone of equal skill.
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 4-4-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

I'm in! My showdown name is also Fineifold. My hours are similar to trachy's.

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Fineifold
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 1-4-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Im in

Showdown Name: Pokenubz, E4 Nubz
Times: Whenever im on EST

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Aura Warrior
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 1-1-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Im in too
PS name: PikaMasterTheGreat
PST Im on this everyday just look me up

answered Oct 7, 2013 by PikaMaster
Please submit your PS Name.
I did Vast
See ya whenever for the loser's bracket.
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 3-1-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Name: DB~Valet
enter image description hereenter image description here
Times Available: 17:00 PM-21:00PM/23:00PM (weekdays)
Pokemon Showdown! usernames: Aeternis, Valet
Pokemon Online username: NA

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Aeternis
reshown Oct 11, 2013 by Aura Warrior
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 4-4-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Totally in. :D

Showdown! Name: JarJar3
Time Zone: PST
Times Available: 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM weekdays, 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM weekends

answered Oct 7, 2013 by JarJar~
reshown Oct 7, 2013 by JarJar~
I'm at school during the time you're online on weekdays, so we'll have to find each other on a weekend. 9:00 to 1:00 PST is roughly 2:00 to 6:00 PM my time, so I should be able to be online then.
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 6-1-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

PS name: tazzie
EST time

answered Oct 8, 2013 by tazzie
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 3-6-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Ima in? :3
Snazzy can go jump out the window

answered Oct 8, 2013 by Sempiternus
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 3-1-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Been waiting for this one. Cool because Halloween is one of my favourite holidays :D

Showdown name is xFizz. My timezone is UTC +10 (roughly 13 - 17 hours ahead of America). I'm usually online anytime past 3 PM weekdays. I'm online randomly on weekends.

answered Oct 8, 2013 by ƒιzz
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 7-4-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Idk why i have to say im in if im typing this answer... >.>
Regardless, Arizona Mountain Time Zone (yes, there's a difference ._.) and you can catch me almost all the time when im not at school.
: Won against DB Valet with a result of 4-0. No sweep took place.
Replay: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/pokemondatabase-ou-1431

answered Oct 8, 2013 by Lusty
edited Oct 11, 2013 by Lusty
Replay requested. Replay required, actually.
Alrighty, good to know they're necessary.
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 6-6-4

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.

^Very unlucky.
Lenub's 6th Pokemon is Celebi who doesn't de-evolve. Might wanna re-roll.
0 votes

I've been awaiting this day, Hex. I expect you'll be a wonderful host. I'm totally in.
Showdown! Name: Poke'slash
Times on: Unpredictable. catch me on chat.
Hello everyone. Ready to rock? enter image description here enter image description here

answered Oct 8, 2013 by Poke'slash
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 5-1-4

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes



answered Oct 8, 2013 by Dr.Flame
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 3-1-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

im in if possible. Im not sure if ill be here at the time though so...

ill jazz it up later, i guess...


answered Oct 8, 2013 by Razing
reshown Oct 8, 2013 by Ninja
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 2-4-1
Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
0 votes

Still will edit in poop.

Here's me pwning (#swag) Kyron's face. <:1 - http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/pokemondatabase-ou-1138

answered Oct 9, 2013 by hotcakes
edited Oct 11, 2013 by hotcakes
Hex's Haunted House Tournament, Round 2: Your CC's are 3-4-0

Please refer to the OP for instructions on how to Apply your CC's in the Teambuilder.
My fourth Pokemon is Kyurem Black. Just one ability. Re-roll please. :P