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Error on the Prankster ability page

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Apparently, I am just going to find a load of mistakes today :P This one isn't technically a mistake, but more an inaccuracy.

On the Prankster page it says a pokemon with Prankster:

could use a status move before the opponent uses a priority move like ExtremeSpeed.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Prankster gives a priority of +1 to all status moves. Since Gen V Extreme Speed has a priority of +2, so I don't care how fast the prankster-user is, but it will never use a status move before the opponent uses Extreme Speed. Wouldn't it be better to use a different example than Extreme Speed, then? Just change it for a move like Aqua Jet, Quick Attack, or Sucker Punch.

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Maybe you could add on a priority of +1 move like Quick Attack etc.

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Thanks, I've updated the page now.

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