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The un-made tags.....Fighting Press?

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I know, un-made tags......No Hawlucha, no Flying Press tags.... But when I asked my question...


I noticed a tag - Fighting Press!?!? I didn't have time to test whether the tag worked though.....(I think it doesn't) But WHY did it suggest that tag?

asked Nov 9, 2013 by MeepTheMareep02
retagged Nov 9, 2013
Hey that's my question. I feel special...
I know, but, FIGHTING PRESS???

1 Answer

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I assume you meant this question, which had the tag you're talking about: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163268/does-hawlucha-gain-double-stab-from-flying-press

That was just a mistake from trachy I guess. I've updated it to the correct tag now.

answered Nov 11, 2013 by Pokemaster