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All the words "Question" link me to money super market or similar sites.

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You can clearly seen the hyper links and that weird symbol.

Most of them lead me here, or one of those scammy "click here to receive your prize" things.

Are these intentional advertising, or is it just me, or anything else?

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As far as I know this only happened to you. Though on the laptop I get that a lot but that's because I used IE.
Its an extension/virus on your computer. I had the same problem. You can try turn it off by going into your extensions and deleting it.
I've had this happen, you need to go into your extensions list and disable the extension. It's normally obvious which extension is causing the ads to appear. After disabling just refresh the page and they should be gone.
Fairy Tail. :3

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This is almost certainly an extension in your browser, which you either installed accidentally or was installed by another program you installed, or a virus/malware.

You should first delete the extension from the browser (Menu > Tools > Extensions), then do a virus scan of your computer (install Microsoft Security Essentials for free if you don't have any other anti-virus software already).

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