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Pokemaster, since you are working on improving the site, is now perhaps the time to give moderator privlages?

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Pokemaster only answer this.

I believe that we should have moderators. You have been off the Pokebase for a lot of questions. Many questions I am seeing are repeat questions. Also, plenty of answers are just repeat answers (answers that add no information and are just members trying to get points by copying someone elses answer.) Also, new members are having what should be comments as answers. Limited moderator privaleges to our top members while you are off improving the site are needed. You can always just use your time gone as a trial run to see how well the people do as moderators, and if you think they didn't do a good enough job, you can always revoke their status.

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10 000?! Well, thanks a lot:(((((
Oh right. I forgot that you are already helping on the site.
Can I be a moderater I am the fifth best user and I like to help people:)

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Hey, sorry I forgot about this question. Yes adding some mods is probably a good idea, we've had a few bad questions and comments as answers like you said.

I will look into it and email a couple of people soon.

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I just wanna say "don't email me!", because
- First, I'm always open Pokebase on my phone,
- Second, I'm not good enough in Pokemon, and
- Third, I'm busy with my school activity!
i just telling...ok? ;)