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When will Pokemaster un-spoiler-tag X and Y questions?

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I'm pretty sure anyone planning on getting X or Y has gotten it already, or will soon, and the spoiler tags are really annoying on mobile devices.

asked Dec 17, 2013 by [InsertUsernameHere]
I'm hoping to get it for Xmas, but I've already set it to show X and Y questions, 'cause I don't mind MINOR spoilers.
If I were Pokemaster I'd keep the spoilers until New Years, as some people will get it for Christmas and after 6 days most spoilers would be spoiled. :D
What is the problem on mobiles? You can still press the button to show spoilers, right?
Well, on my DS I can't, and that's my "mobile device."
Same. On the 3DS it does not let you toggle the spoiler button.

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I've removed the spoiler tags now. Sorry about the problems, I didn't check on my 3DS if it worked...

answered Dec 18, 2013 by Pokemaster
selected Dec 18, 2013 by [InsertUsernameHere]