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The related questions section should show more recent questions.

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Whenever I'm on pokebase, I look at related questions and often I forget to look at the date and find myself commenting on posts that haven't been touched in 2 years by accident. I believe the related questions shouldn't show questions that
1) Have a best answer chosen
2) Are more than a few months old

asked Dec 20, 2013 by BouncingMagikarp
This is honestly just inconvenient. Not something that should be changed imo.
1. The related questions section helps us find similar questions that might contain some information that may improve our answers.
2. It allows editors and mods to find duplicate questions.
3. If you are doing that, just hide the comment and it will be forgotten. However, if you are commenting things like corrections or important things the answerer missed, then leave it since it may assist those who find the question in a search engine or something.

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You've got to remember mate, this is a database.
Questions, all 30588 of 'em, from the 3 sections of the site, are compiled for our knowledge :P

Anyhow, if we don't find resolved questions with a clear answer in the Related Questions section, how are we supposed to look up HGSS questions or know how to inherit Volt Tackle in Black and White? (Both old games that wouldn't show up)

answered Dec 20, 2013 by Scraf
edited Feb 7, 2014 by Scraf
Oh really? A game released in 2009, and 2011 is an 'old game' now? only 1.5 generations later?
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Well that's the thing. We look it up.