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Thanks, Pokemaster.

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I just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome site. It's got all the info I've ever needed, and then some. You do so much for us it's ridiculous. I realize you have to deal with a bunch of boneheads on a regular basis, and can sometimes come off kinda harsh, but I know better now. Thank you SO much for this site. I know that I, personally, take the Pokemon Database for granted, but in reality, we all owe you so much, and you probably don't get half as much gratitude as you should.

This may seem random, but thanks.

asked Dec 29, 2013 by Collide
Amen (filler)
I thought this was gonna be like a New Years thing that would go all 'thank you for all the work you've done this year Pokebase has been great' and that chizz. Apparently not. Yeah, ditto.
Guess what that picture will be. xD
Oh darn. I was wrong.
This isn't a question...
Does it have to be?

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Thanks, glad you like it :)

answered Jan 3, 2014 by Pokemaster
selected Jan 4, 2014 by Collide