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DB League Beta - Delayed for RU and NU to stabilise.

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1. NU and RU have been released - the League will be delayed until they are stabilised.

2. As you know, Mr Flaf has essentially withdrawn his position of GL. Anyone who wishes to apply for the GL UU Position need only to ladder, and provide the judges with decent* replays. Another tier MAY OR MAY not replace UU as well. Don't know. Will discuss. o3o.

*So what is a decent replay? Basically we don't want to see a one-pokemon-sweep of yours, or a one-pokemon-sweep of the opponent (You do not need to win for it to be a decent replay). We also do not want to see a hax-filled battle where you freeze or flinch your opponent every second turn - that proves you're lucky. Nothing about your skill.

So as we all know the previous leagues have somewhat failed. However, the main problem with that league was that:
1. It was way to big. 8 GL's + 4 E4 + 1 Champ = 13 Users just in the league! I don't think Pokebase is up to that yet. We have to start small, work our way up to large.
2. The main Battleground was on Showdown, and last time we had about 5 - 7 users on a day. Now, we have around 20 users everyday!

So Mike gave me permission to start a smaller league. Same concept, less GL's.
The new idea is:

  • We have 5-6 GL's (We can shorten is to 4 but that would be really small)
  • 4 E4. I guess it could be 2 E4 but then that wouldn't be Elite 4 would it :P
  • 1 Champion, as usual. (Hex or Mew probs xP)

That's only 10 - 11 people out of the 20 that come on daily

Sure some people left, but there are many new faces that can challenge the league and it doesn't have to be big, there's no problem with it being small, and I'm sure come summer time we'll get even more :)

Also don't forget, in the event that this one is too big, we can do 4 GL / 2 E4 / 1 Champ, but that's plan 2.

So how about it, DB? New Year, New League!

enter image description here

Hello DB, it's that time of year again! Yep, the DB League is finally in action.
So the judges have decided; since the Ru and Nu beta's are taking forever to activate, we are starting the League a little bit earlier than expected. However remember, upon the release of Gen 6 RU and NU Beta, the Gym Leader decisions may be reconsidered. You will essentially have to reshow us that you can battle in those tiers, just in Gen 6.
Also note to all unsuccessful candidates - Remember that the league was designed on the basis of 'good' but not op. We, the judges made the decision to eliminate the Players who were deemed at a level too high for the League.

- DoctorFlame
- MrKijani
- Sempiternus
- Stay_Silent
- Aeternis
- Psychic x
And no they did not vote for themselves. :3

Welcome, the New DB League!

(#Anti Dramatic)

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader 1 - 5th Gen NU/6th Gen NU
Dr Dude

Gym Leader 2 - 5th Gen RU/6th Gen RU

Gym Leader 3 - 6th Gen Ubers

Gym Leader 4 - 6th Gen OU

Gym Leader 5 - 6th Gen UU

Elite 4

tazzie - 6th Gen OU

Ludicobro - 6th Gen Ubers

Aeternis - Double Battles

Psychic x- 6th Gen UU

Champion: Mewderator

Guidlines for League

  1. A battle is not counted as an official match unless the Challanger states so before the match.
  2. GLs (E4s as well) are not allowed to deny a match, unless for a valid reason eg. School in 5 minutes or something like that
  3. All the normal etiquitte stuff

Deathless Walk

A majority of judges, and various other members of the league have agreed to this. So therefore. the Deathless Walk will be going ahead.

To see details please read this. Feel free to comment on your opinion of this.

asked Dec 29, 2013 by Dr.Flame
edited May 29, 2014 by Sempiternus
yes! a new league for everyone to neglect and ignore!
>.> So what happened to you, Debby Downer :c @Eevee
He's just grumpy because he's not good enough to fake on the League.
I do wish I could fake on the league
I guess I approve, I'm going to be so busy over the next year, I was going to hand over the league for Ninja to organised. I got an exam like the day I go back xD

The only reason I haven't made any of the changes to the current league is the gen 6 tiers are not stable. Do we even have anything par ubers and a pretty broken ou yet?
we have  LC.
I like Plan B.
@Blob: Our current league's problem  is that half the GL's are inactive, and it's too big. Also, for the tiers, I was thinking Gen 5 Nu,Ru,Uu and Gen 6 Lc,Ubers, and both gen 5 and 6 OU.
I know the current problems, I've said countless times leaders are not final just because I was waiting for tiers. Either way I would still advise waiting a bit for the sake of solid tiers. I don't like the idea of mixing with gen 5 just because gen 6 Nu ect will come around so fast that players need to adapt (and need time). I would wait until tiers are sturdy. Even the current OU is horribly unbalanced and broken.
We shouldn't even consider this until Pokebank is out.
Why does it matter if Pokebank is out? We're doing this on Showdown, so it doesn't affect anything too much. The only thing I can think of is minor stat changes.

Anyways, I like the idea, bu I agree with Blob that we should wait for solid tiers to start this.
Solid tiers and all Gen 6.
It matters if Pokebank is out because our OU Gym Leader would be restricted to Pokemon released in X and Y without it.
We play on Showdown. Showdown has Pokebank.
What Ricecakes said.
Some of us play on PO but who even has PO anymore
*Raises hand* PO is much better but isn't exactly what db users use.
Our server is getting huge, though. Today (with guests) we have more users than Amethyst o.e
That number will go down once school starts again. Most of the world gets a few weeks off, so many will have to go back soon. Including myself.
YAY!! *jump for joy*
BUMP. Someone answer this please.
Early stages yet, but here's a list I've pulled up of possible candidates of GL/E4/Champ
Mew, Flaf, i suck qq, Dr.Flame, Pokewatt, Lenub, MrK, Alpha, Semp, Aeternis, Miror Bro, Jarjar, Jofly, Pikamster, Ninja, Hex, tazzie, Ionization
Here are people who MIGHT be interested but aren't that active OR as skilled (no offense to anyone, of course, this is all my personal experience)
Blob, Mike, Ben, Vast White Warrior, SlipperyDevil, MewC, fondant, Recoded, Poke/, Starpower, Fizzcube,

Of course, anyone else who wants to apply way do so, this is early days yet and no tin anyway the finished product.
Dr.Flame hit the nail on the head. I'm interested, but no where near skilled enough. xD
I really wish I got to be a gym leader, but that's just a dream. My sick skillz in ubers prove it lol.
By the way, I might as well try to apply for Gym Leader. I'll apply Ubers or NU, whichever we need.
It looks like there's a decent amount of uber/nu players in flame's possibilities already o-o
Decided to apply for NU, if you want me in the league at all. Mew can have Gen 6 Ubers. :P Anyway, what's the deal? Are we setting up applications once this gets narrowed down?
Honestly, I think someone else would be better picked for Gym Leader.. But I guess I might as well try. :P
Bwother kawd is pulling my neck to this thread and insists that I apply for gen 6 Ubers so I guess, I can try that(and finally build a real team for it ;P)
Yush you must apply Brother >:D

I'll apply for NU :P I do pretty well in it.
So..My rival in NU once again.>:D
Applying for UU once again. I WONT FAIL THEE!
I shall apply to be the RU leader, as I was pretty decent last gen, however, is this gen 5 or 6, coz gen 6 will take a while to settle.
I can do Ubers or UU, assuming this is Gen 5. I probably won't play Gen 6 Ubers much (too much Xerneas ugh), and I'm waiting for an official Gen 6 UU tier before I play it seriously. But it looks like I'm too slow :P
I'd apply for UU, but it seems I'd be up against Fizzy, Flaffy, and Flamey, and I don't feel like going against the triple F threat so I guess I'll just have to practice and beat everyone.
k You can just edit me out, because I don't wanna be a GL. I'll just challenge and be the first to beat it :D!
I'll go for pretty much any tier, since we have a good deal of time. I'll sort out my exact preferences soon. I still need to train like a madman first.
I'll try for Ubers.
Wait, why am I in the top bit? Active, yeah, but skilled? lmao xD
I would like to apply for NU...

...but I can't read, so.
Dat Air Balloon tho xD. Don't worry, we've all done it...k, they haven't, I have xP
When I first started Showdown I ran Air Balloon Gengar because I kept forgetting its Ability.
Doubles isn't popular enough IMO, maybe random battle. I'd go for that. And OU. And Ubers.
If Doubles<Random, then I would rather be the one tutoring.
I would like t bring this up again. And want to apply for those I edited in.
I'll be a candidate for OU.
Yo I know I'm NU already, but throw me into Ubers  too
And random battle since when was that there lel
I'll also try for Random. More specifically, Challenge Cup. (Totally not copying KoD)
Challenge Cup is my best tier, so you'll have competition :D
Good, I love having competition. :D
Because you have so many great battlers trying out for the tiers I've said Doc, I would be one of your judges. I believe I can be pretty unbiased and I'd love to help out in some way :)
Just a note, I may be unable to provide Replays for a little while. I'm traveling and using the internet for big things like Showdown in my trailer costs a lot, so until I get good campground wi-fi I'll be inactive on Showdown. Will be able to get replays at least within a month, and I'll still post teams and stuff on the RMT.
And I don't ladder. If you want, look at my teams.
@Slash, it's fine. I'm still waiting for Nu and Ru beta anyway
@Ninja, Most people on the DB don't ladder (well i don't anyway) so that's why i purposely did 1300 which is insanely low. However good replays are more important than the ladder ranking anyway, so yeah that's not a big problem
Did Sempi apply for CC?
He applied for randbats ", but throw me into Ubers  too
And random battle since when was that there lel"
CC too random >:P

I wouldn't mind being a judge, I think i'm pretty unbiased, and since my main tier right now NU is sitting around being useless I wouldn't mind doing something to help :P
I apply for NU?
In the wait for Gen 6 RU beta, I shall just keep doing gen 5.
OK then, for reference. I will not be trying out for GL so please edit me out from the list

HOWEVER, i would like to help you guys judge. My current battling skills is off, but if anyone has witness me teach back into Gen 5 you'll know I'm incredibly observant and can pick out quite a number of things, and my ability to look for playstyles and how people react could be very beneficial.

While i do have "favorites" to be GL, i am totally unbiased. I will go off technical skills alone.

Considerations please?
for my NU replays, they are in a compilation on the battle replays page.
NU isn't being considered yet.
His waiting for the Gen 6 NU Tiers to come out.
ik, I'm just saying. :P
If my services are needed I would also be willing to be a gym leader, preferably Ubers or Doubles, especially the latter,but do not prioritize me over those who seem to be really excited for the job. I'd love the challenge the league too.

Best of luck to all applicants!
I beat Hexy. Ima try out for OU leader. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pokemondatabase-ou-350
Looking at the current people trying out for OU though..
LC is too uncommon.
Lc is actually just as popular as nu and ru. It's a perfectly viable tier and should be on there
LC in Ubers
Using Focus Blast on a Mega-Gengar
Using special Mega-Kangaskhan
Dream Eaer Yveltal, using Dream Eater on an obviously not asleep Xerneas

Give your opponents a cookie! :P
I want the RU GL spot kthanks
Sorry Once, you're out of contention.
Hi everyone, I want to be Monotype Dragon GL in the League
qq edited out the caps and he said on Showdown earlier for GL rather than E4.
Do you have to have a replay to try out?
Technically no, but if you don't we won't be able to judge your abilities apart from our previous knowledge of your battling skills - which may not be very high.
^ This, which is why I have to wait for Gen 6 RU beta, or I have no chance ;~;
it would be incredibly fun to be a NU gym leader, but scarf is already there. oh well! I'm trying. i have a rating on 1350 only tier and The gym leaders in the games sakks, so I guess I can fit that role too.
It's hard to find "good" replays nowadays as there are few NU players on our server and not many NU players  on the official + not many of these are very experienced. Here is the best I could came up with:
We had LC tour on server, which I unfortunately lost because of a crit at the very end. But here's a replay, my ranking is low because I have yet to seriously ladder
I think there should be one GL for each tier: one for doubles, randbats, OU, etc. Extended into e4
Erm..tazzie...yeah..that's what we were doing anyway...gosh
Not to the full extent Pee Ex.
The difference is tazzie, it's impossible to incorporate that. As you can see, we don't have many applicants for certain tiers (Yeahhhh like 1), and the restrictions the Judges have imposed on the selection (In terms of skills and stuff) also limits it, so that's a very very small chance we'll be able to get every tier into consideration.
Beat good LC player, apt-get. (if you don't know who that is, look around the LC forums on smog on)
I would like to try for NU and Monotype if possible
I'll also go for RandBats.
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/lc-94475342 beat someone with a really great record of 46-6.
he was 6th on the ladder, and apt-get is now first
EDIT: OMG, that team was the exact same team blarajan used in his latest SPL match http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-lc-1864 either it was a team-stealer or I beat blarajan O.o
I'm taking up NU try and pass me lel. Also tazzie stop using the ladder to justify your skill, apt-get isn't that good of a player, all he does is contribute, he isn't even in SPL, and I got the confirmation that that wasn't blarajan that you defeated lol.
Fak... now I'm screwed.
yeah I figured, lol. The sets seemed scarily similar tho O.o. I knew realistically it wasn't him
I'll go for OU mono, RU, and maybe ubers if I learn it a bit better
I'm really screwed. o3o

I need to make a new team :P
I will make OU team and a Monotype
woah, e4
didn't see that coming O.o
AD got doubles, no surprise there. :D DrFlame on UU, we're all officially screwed. And dead.
Deathless  isn't confirmed yet :I
Tbh, I personally disagree with it.
Lets assume for a moment that GLs, E4 and other members of the Deathless can't take on the Deathless. Who does that leave with any chance of beating it? The League itself (especially the Deathless) takes away many of the top players, some not in their best tier granted for the normal league, but nevertheless.
Only a few of the players would have a ghost of a chance against the Deathless, for example MK - except JCM would probably throw him out the window. Wunce. Only really plays OU from memory, so the rest of the Deathless have an overwhelming percentage of beating him. Kyron, in a similar boat. Stuff like that. :I

Even though the Deathless was designed to provide a challenge, especially targeted at the best players on DB, it takes out most of the best, and forces the other people who are considered some of the 'best' to battle them in unfamiliar tiers.
Put me as Gen 5 OU or Gen 6 UU.
You realize I haven't played a single game of 6th Gen UU right? :P. If you really want me too I could transition to it very easily. I just wish I got some notice about my tier before I was picked or it.
Also, some stuff. Tazzie is great battler, I'm not discrediting him, I know he is very good, but E4? I know this league is supposed to be a bit easier, but the E4 still need to be top tier. Jojo just about slides in, but he still needs a fair bi more practice. Considering me, a lower GL who doesn't think he should even be GL can beat both Jojo and tazzie in a tier they have both played far longer than me does say something. I'm not discrediting them, just pointing them out ;P.

I actually like the Deathless walk thing, but I see it has more like in Hg and SS when you beat the E4 and champ you can bet the next set of GLs to get to Red. It does make the league a bit harder, but it's a bit separated, and a lot of people will just take the E4 win and leave it there
I'm the GL for gen 6 UU, you are for Gen 6 OU :P
Yeah Pee Ex U r OU. The GL is the name directly under. Flaf is UU.
Problem is PX you need to be on a good day to beat them. :3. Jojo has been out of practise, but from what I saw he was pretty good at Doubles when he was into it.
Being able to beat someone doesn't mean that much tho. :I Everyone is realistically able to beat anyone. Like I recently beat JCM in NU, but as a general rule he would obviously be favoured.
Just to clear this up...Can GL's and E4 challenge the League?
Inb4 no, and everyone challenges me as the weakest Leader D;
AWESOME!!!!! i'm gonna try it
That was slightly unclear btw. JS. And yes, I know I'm very inconsistent. But we do know that when I really try and get going I can be very difficult to beat. Basically, if you're against me, be lucky :D.  

Ik, but generally I am (on a good day) better than Jojo and tazzie (I know that sounds a bit big headed, and both of them are very good battlers, I'm not very good at sounding modest). I'm not complaining about my or their position, I just want to know that both of them are truly up to the task. It's just my inconsistency that stops me from being higher up
Sorry DF, changed the formatting a bit it was confuzzling tbh and yeah check p-pad

Better PX? :P
tbh I think a more traditional league would be better. I still don't fully get the "deathless" idea.
Deathless? I thought this was a league. If those guys were to be the "Deathless Leaders", why not just make them the League Leaders. If not, just change it to a name that doesn't sound stupid.
ummm PX, just pointing out that last time you beat me was 9 months ago :I
If i'm gonna take part at this, i'm definetely doing some OU stuffz
I will try to take that Gen 5 OU
Yo, Profile links doesnt work for those who changed username and the ninja link links to a random dude that says "no one is ever gonna steal my username again!"
ok how is this banana dude nu leader
and like cut someone from e4, put hex in his spot, and make mew champion, in the games there have never been two champions, i dont know why we should bend the rules here.
Okay so are you gonna let RU balance out over the next 3 months delaying the league or are you gonna let players try out for an unbalanced meta?
You can try and ladder now, however if the threats are too much we will hold off.
I'm going to be honest, while I am honored that you have given me the elite four spot (i Mean holy crap that's awesome), it's obvious that I haven't been around at all for the past month and have had little presence before that in recent months because of school. In about a month or so when I'm done with school I should be available more, but if you think I'm around enough I'd be glad to keep the job
I´m gonna beat this (maybe) but if NU gen 6 comes  out I´ll take that place somewhere
Well considering the league is still not yet finalised and we're still waiting for RU to be stabilised, in which NU may come out, in which we may or may not need that to be stabilised, we've still got a good few months, so we can wait for you Ludicobro :3
Curses! And I hoped to keep the spot myself...
Cool sempi. Cool
By that time, i'll be a legndary battler :D

Jks. I haven't lost all my skill, but 90% of it :P. Still, if I'm around at the time, I'll have the odd go at beating it.

Btw, someone get a new OU Gym Leader since I'm out
I can take that place if you can change to mono OU but if you can't I'll take OU
Er...I'm not 100% sure of your abilities, but if we're even, or possibly I'm stronger than you, and I'm rusty as hell and not even paying attention when I battle, then are you sure you can do it? I need you to convince us, sorry.
I´m better than you think -_- Don´t understimate me
Anyway, if Akely says that he can be a GL, why can't I? In my opinion we should make an OU tourney for Silent's spot, as we are still not sure of someone who can take his spot.
Zekrom88 and Akely, neither of you get to be GL like that.

The GL will be decided by the judges according to our experiences and representations of others skill levels. I have a pretty good idea of Akely's level already, not Zek's tho.
http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-nu-stage-0-welcome-to-the-nu-age.3506287/ MAMA J!! and its coming today or tomorrow :D:D:D:D:D:D
Yeah I saw.
I want to try for NU leader again. Let me fetch some 'plays.
Kyron, with the approval of at least 3 of the judges (Aeternis, MK <--- I think, and Myself) will be filling in as OU :3
Mr.Nubbbbbzzzzzz for Ou is it? :P. I'll have to battle him again at some point, when I actually feel up to it >.>. at least we got someone better than me to fill my spot XD
I'm just going to throw this out here, I'm currently not suited for the position of GL. I have barely played any UU and I have no incentive to do so either as it's to different from last gen. I'm finding more enjoyment in RU but might get into UU. All in all, I'm not suited for UU yet.
I was top 50 UU. Guess I'll try to take the spot
Lol no you aren't.

Prove it.
And also find me some gud replays.
Challange accepted
- Beats people high on the ladder
- Still saks anyway

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:c so rude. when is this league going to start btw? no pressure or anything of course. was just wondering :3
Im withdrawing as a NU gym leader as Pokemon is no longer my #1 hobby and I don't have time or bother to be on the server weekly anymore. give this highly respected title to scrub

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