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What is the limit of being kicked to banned?

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So I was tempting KickBot to kick me because I used CAPS on my whole sentence. I actually regret doing this because I met great people on this account and Favorited them. So is there a limit to being kicked to permanently banned?

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Do you mean limit as in a time the ban ends? If so, yes, you can go back on chat after 10 minutes if you got kicked off.

Bans however are different. Moderators decide how long the person is to be banned for, according to what they did and how serious it was.

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I think he means "how many times can you be kicked before you get banned?" or something like that.
If he does, then there is no way of knowing. It is entirely a mod's decision.
Using caps is very unlikely to get you banned though.
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If you're asking what I think you are...

You can be kicked an infinite number of times without being banned, though the Mods will eventually get angry and just ban you, but kicking will not ban.

You're welcome.

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  • If you are new and just go spamming, I'll kick you once and ban you next.
  • If you are a moron saying illogical things, I'll give you a few kicks.
  • If you CAPS once, that is a kick-warning.
  • If you rule break and lie in our face, ban.

Just know your limits. Myself and the other mods are usually pretty lenient, but don't ask for a ban. We'll reason, but try to not be stupid. It makes it harder for us I guess, stupid ones are easy to ban.

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