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Congratulations to Mew.

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So for the longest time, DT has been in first place on Pokebase. Like 3 years. Passed Pokemaster at 20,000 or something, when there were 500 or so users. It has been like this even before I joined.

Mew (Or Mewderator, I prefer Mew) has been on the site for two years. Within the first seven months or so, he hit 6k and was granted expert. (Although there was some drama around that...) Not so much later in 2013 he got editor, at 20k Moderator. He kept going, passed everybody, passed trachy recently. Yesterday, he passed DarkTyphlosion at near 65k. This is quite an achievement, I feel like a post is needed.

Congratulations Mew!

asked Jan 3 by Ninja

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enter image description here

answered Jan 3 by Dr.Flame
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answered Jan 3 by MrKijani
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Congrats Mew. Well done.

enter image description here
enter image description here
///Le Epic Jofly

answered Jan 3 by ThatAin'tFalco
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Pokemaster still reigns supreme on Meta!

But seriously though, well done to Mewderator. He's very active and does a great job, so it's well-deserved.

answered Jan 4 by Pokemaster
I will catch you. Eventually!
I'll catch up on Meta :P
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enter image description here

enter image description here

MewMew my man, keep messing my meaningless moments!

answered Jan 4 by ReadyAimFire
You stole my picture...
You stole it... Eh... Eh... D:
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I'm way too late on this question, been meaning to answer this.

Thanks to all :D Being #1 is fun and all, but always remember, as DT said: You don't need a rank to define how great you are.

answered Jan 8 by Mewderator
Which is unfortunate because if it was you would be great. As it is, meh.
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enter image description here

enter image description here

Lol, congratulations. Mewderator for being topsies!

answered Feb 4 by Evenstar~✴
Yep :P
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Congrats bud :)
enter image description here
^ Except I don't know that feeling xPPPPPPPPPPP

answered Jan 4 by Hex
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Yaaaay Mew!

enter image description here

answered Jan 3 by Le Scraf
edited Jan 4 by Le Scraf
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December 30th, 2013 11:46
Mew passes DT. Upvote came from me :D


I guess gifs of Pokemon are necessary so uh, ummmm...

answered Jan 3 by hotcakes
Oh snap. I'm using a different computer, can no one see my stupid .gif?
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enter image description here

Meh li'l Moobaby is the champion of all champions. Yaaaaaaaay. xD
Congratulations. :D

answered Jan 3 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
boo you suck! Fix le image D;< :3
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'Grats Mew. I'm impressed. I need to change my new years resolution to beating you not DT. I'd have a fun pic, but I'm too lazy to find one.

answered Jan 4 by Collide
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First on PokéBase.

First on RMT.

Mew will be the ruler !!

Congratz Mew ;)

answered Jan 4 by RecreativeReshiram
Two people have copied my image.
I reign supreme!! :D
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I know I posted on your wall saying this Mew but I felt that it needed to be said twice after all it is quite an achievement. So Congratulations once again on being the Number 1 Ranking on PokeBase xD

Even Professor Oak says Congratulations :P


answered Jan 4 by Sir Dan
edited Jan 4 by Sir Dan